Sniper Elite 5 Spy Academy Collectibles & Mission 3 Start Locations

Spy Academy is probably the most difficult and confusing level in Sniper Elite 5. Finding all secret documents, personal belongings, letters and workbenches in the Nazi-labyrinthine labyrinth of Mission 3 can be a test of will and patience. Fortunately, the Stone Eagles are fairly easy to find, and there are only two starting points that can be found, one on each side of the island.

As in our collectibles for the Atlantic Wall and the Occupied Residence, we will move counterclockwise, right to left, as this is the easiest way. . Of course, you can go as you wish!

Spy Academy Collectibles and Initial Locations

stone eagle 1

From the last Beaumont-Marshland trail, follow the trail until it opens to show the Cathedral and the Spy Academy Island. This stone eagle can be found on the roof of the house on the left side of the island, along the dam, which can be shot from here.

Fragile, does not break (personal letter 1)

From there, descend the right path to the bridge. You will see a truck and several boxes right in front of the bridge, and this personal letter on a stack of boxes nearby.

Will not be present, and the Armory is open (documents with classification 1 + 2)

Stay along the sand on the right side of the bridge and head to the island. As you approach the steep beach, you will see a round castle tower and a castle gate on the right. Go through the gate to the left of the gate, through the gatehouse and up the road to the parked truck (Carl will notice that this is very distracting).

To the left of the truck is another castle tower. Climb up to find these two documents on the couch and on the table, one on the left and the other on the right.

The starting point of the city walls

After collecting these secret documents, go down two floors and exit through the left side of the tower. Cross the small bridge over the road below and follow the path down and to the left. At the bottom of the stairs you will see a low wall with white paint in front of you. Go down and open the door.

SMG machine

From there, follow the path on the left and return to the road. You will see the hotel in front of you (and the truck that Carl mentioned further to your left). Turn right and climb the wall with white paint; wall to the left of the red car on the street. When you get up, turn left into the room inside the castle wall. Go on the road to the armory, with this workbench right inside the door.

Just visit one! and request for resources (personal letter 2 and secret document 3)

Return to the street, and when you leave, use the pipe on the left to climb the wall. At the top, follow the path forward and up to the right. Continue through the iron gate at the top of the stairs to a small courtyard with a statue in the middle. Go straight and slightly to the left, to the chapel in front of you with a black X outside.

On the way, cross a small cemetery, go through the window and turn right. At the wooden table, turn right again through the door, then left. Go up the stairs and kill the officer for Just Attend One, then find the resource requests on the table.

This is easy money (personal letter 3)

Use the zipline to descend the tower. After landing, turn left and go down the stairs to the right. Go through the next row of stairs in front and follow the path outside and to the right. Move up, then turn around and enter the tower of the dam. Kill the sniper and take this document from the table on the left.

stone eagle 2

Go to the hole in the wall of the tower and look west / slightly northwest towards the cathedral. You will see a tree with green leaves, and behind it a tower with a blue roof. The eagle is above the central window of the tower from your point of view.

Priority package! (Secret document 4)

Go down the cable from the tower to the chapel. Exit the chapel and return to the small courtyard with the statue where you first entered. Take a short trail through the cemetery and the low walls on the southwest side of the area.

Turn right, then left – in front of the open iron gate you will see a blue and red car. Turn right and you will see that you are at the location of the MG42 a little to the left. Go through the house to your left (the one with the back door open and a bookcase visible), and then go down the stairs.

You will see an alarm clock in front of you; at the alarm, turn right (there will be a striped gate on the side of the road), then immediately to the right through the gate. Inside you will find this secret document on a set of boxes by the window.

Don’t be late (Personal letter 4)

Continue west on the main road, past the house with red shutters on the right, then cross the bridge. On the other side of the bridge you will see a bar / cafe on the right. There must be a soldier in a cap; he is the driver of Fregattekapitan Seidl. Kill him for a note.

Note: If soldiers are warned in the area, the driver may meet you on a bridge, near a house with red shutters, or near a government car (see below).

Kriegsmarine playing cards (personal item 1)

These cards are in the same building / cafe on the table to the left of the bar.

Parking problems (Personal letter 5)

This personal letter is in the rubbish bin, where the state car is parked under the bar / cafe. Trash can to the left of the state car, between two benches along a low wall. There is a lamppost and a barrel near the benches.

The starting point for the landing of smugglers

Return to the bar / cafe. At the top of the slope up from the parking lot, go under the arch to the left of the tower (west of the bar / cafe). Follow the path down the four flight of stairs. There will be a door at the bottom left of you. Open the door to protect this starting point.

pistol workbench

Now we go to the highest level of the island for the rest of the collectibles. Return to the location of the MG42 near the alarm (where you found the priority package!), And go on the road to the second place of the MG42.

Climb the large stairs on the left, follow the path to the left and climb three more stairs. At the top of the third turn right to see a steel door with a Waffenkammer sign above. The workbench is inside on the right.

Field Guide to Covert Operations (Personal Item 2)

From the workbench for weapons you go to a rectangular building north of the cathedral, against the northern rocks. Instead of crossing the cathedral, go around it from the back, from the west. Go through the alarm area, then continue down the stairs.

Go through the garden with a tree in the middle and through the door on the right. Go down the stairs, then to the left at the level of the boxes, go in front of the statue. Follow the path to the right, then down the stairs, then to the left and through the other doors.

Climb the small stairs and turn right at the top. In front of you you will see three tables next to each other, and this one on one of them.

Learning scenarios and ornate compass (secret document 5 + personal item 3)

Go back from the previous Intel and go back to the street where you came from. Turn left to the area with all the columns, then go down the stairs to a small garden with statues and benches, and then up the stairs to the left.

Go straight to the Spymaster office. Climb upstairs and take the learning scenarios from the stained glass table, as well as the ornate compass from the safe in the room adjacent to the entrance.

stone eagle 3

Continue the mission and you will see this stone eagle from the bell tower above the assembly. It is in the far north of the island, located on the stone ruins to the left of the mining site. You can also hang it just before filtration.

Rifleman’s workbench

This workbench is located on the north side of the building where you found the Black Ops manual, but only from the outside. On the way to the mining point, go to the north side of the building and climb the vines on the west side. Then follow the upper left path to the workbench.

And that’s where you’ll find all the collectibles, workbenches and starting locations for the third mission of Sniper Elite 5, Spy Academy. To learn more, click the link at the top of this guide or go to our dedicated tips page.

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