Sniper Elite 5 Wolf Mountain: Mission 10 collectibles and starting points

As in eight of the nine main missions of the campaign, the DLC “Kill Hitler” for Sniper Elite 5 “Wolf Mountain” contains 19 collectibles that can be found through stone eagles, secret documents, hidden objects, personal letters and installed documents. Of course, there are additional starting points. This time you need to secure two.

This guide will show you their location from left to right and then left again, as we’ve tried to minimize rollbacks based on the map design. Of course, you can find these collectibles in any order using the overview map below.

Wolf Mountain collecting and starting places

Communication operations (Secret document 1)

Start the mission from the starting point of Mountain Overlook and turn left when it splits left and right. Eventually you will climb under the fence and see the watchtower in front of you. This secret document is on the watchtower, on the right, when you reach the top of the stairs.

Additional anti-aircraft positions (Secret Document 2)

Go to the building northeast of the Watchtower. Enter through the first floor door on the south side and enter the first door on the left (room in the southwest corner of the building). This collectible is lying on the table in the back of the room next to the bag. Grab a bag or kill and rob an officer on the second floor with a key.

Rifleman’s workbench

Pick up the officer’s bag or key and return to the ivy-covered building west of the Watchtower (to your right as you climb the hill). Open the door on the south side and go down to the basement to find a rifle workbench.

SMG machine

Follow the main road to the far east side of the map, where it begins to turn left (north), forming the lower part of the letter “S”. On the right side of the road you will see a small wooden bridge leading to a medium-sized stone building. You can make your way through a hole in the foundation on the north side.

Alternatively, you can use a bag on the door or rob a soldier’s door key in an anti-aircraft gun camp to the north (left if facing home).

No inventory (secret document 3)

From the SMG workbench, head to the camp with an anti-aircraft gun north of the stone house. This secret document is in a box in the middle of the camp, near the yellow box where you can hide the bodies.

Perimeter issues (personal letter 1)

Follow the road for a short distance to the north-western edge of the map, near the top of the “S” line, before it descends to the right (east / northeast).

On the left you will see a green hut with a Nazi flag, in front of a lawn with walls of sandbags, a parked truck and another Nazi flag. On the left are two hunting patrols, and on the right are an officer and a soldier. This collectible can be found in the salon on the table on the right.

Ordinary recall (secret document 4)

From the location of the Personal Letter, continue on the road to the northeast, and soon you will reach a checkpoint, which is strictly guarded, near the tunnel. This secret document is located inside the building to the right of the tunnel, in a safe near the door closest to the tunnel.

stone eagle 1

This stone eagle is located in the center of the cliff above the tunnel.

stone eagle 2

Go through the tunnel and look at the top of the roof of Berghof on the other side to find the second stone eagle.

Construction stopped (personal letter 2)

Continue a short distance along the road and keep to the right, away from the Berghof, to the tea house. There will be a green shack on the left side of the road in front of the tea house. This personal letter lies inside on a table with three chairs.

Possible disguises of Hitler (hidden object 1)

Go to the north end of the tea room to find a small round dining room next to the main dining room. This hidden object can be found on the table overlooking the tea room gardens.

Starting point from the Berghhof guardhouse

Go in the direction of Berghof, staying on the right (north) side. You will pass a small path that crosses the rocks on both sides and ends at the Rangers checkpoint along the main road. Turn right and follow the main road past the checkpoint. Shortly before the mission border you will see a small camp in a small open area on the right. Interaction with the fire.

Infection with parasites (Personal letter 3)

Go to the Berghof and go to the garage in front of the fountain in the main parking lot in front. Go downstairs and enter the room on the right. Choose this collectible from a small cart in the back of the room.

Fuhrer’s personal space (Personal letter 4)

Climb to the roof of the garage, using vines from the outside. At the top, enter the door on the left, on the sides with two potted plants. This one stands on a chest of drawers on the left side of the room with two benches.

Conceptual model Fuheremuseum (hidden element 2)

From there, go through the door to the library. Go left, then quickly right through the door, on the sides of which are two busts. Go through the living room with paintings, pink flowers on the left and right and a stairwell leading to the right. Continue to the next small room with covered furniture; this hidden item is on the left.

pistol workbench

Exit this room and turn left onto the main hall. Follow it to the end of the path, then turn right to see the stairs leading up and down to the lobby (there are three red banners on the wall). Scroll down and turn left at the Waffenkammer sign. Blow up the door or use the key to access the workbench.

F├╝hrer’s plans (Personal letter 5)

Turn up and keep to the right, following the path that leads to the kitchen. This personal letter lies on the table on the right, right inside the door.

Guest of the Fuhrer (Secret Document 5)

Go straight to the room next to the kitchen (the one where the barrels and chairs are placed on cloth-covered tables), then turn right and go up the stairs at the door. Enter the second room on the right (table) to find this information on the table next to the phone.

Practice lawsuit photography (hidden item 3)

Return to the hall (where you went down behind the workbench) and get up. At the top, go to the right and climb another set of stairs. Go left up, right to find the safe on the right side of the room with this collectible inside.

Initial location Stone Eagle 3 and Lakeside Path

Take the short north-north / north-west road through Berghof through the woods. At the end you will find a hut with a fire on the left. Interact with this to activate the starting point of the path to the lake. Then look away across the lake to see another hut and a third stone eagle on the roof.

That’s it: all collectibles and starting locations for DLC “Kill Hitler” for Sniper Elite 5, Wolf Mountain. For additional tutorials that lead to in-game information, personal emails, hidden objects, and desktops, such as for Mission 8: Ruins and Ruins and Mission 7: Secret Weapons, go to our Mission Order SE5 tutorials.

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