South Aveyron: In Verrieres, these wind turbines are causing concern even before they come out of the ground

A public investigation is underway on the Vinnac website.

The installation of five wind turbines in the city of Verrier not only makes people happy. “They are still a minority”, emphasizes Jérôme Muries, the mayor of the city. Among the rebels are the Federation of Great Causes, SOS buzzards and the CO-27 XII Association. This Thursday morning, they gathered at City Hall to present their findings to the investigating commissioner on the project. The public inquiry is open until the end of July.

Local biodiversity is highlighted

The plans include the installation of five modern wind turbines on the territory of Vinnac. A decade-old file that is finally coming to an end. Members of the associations, however, note some shortcomings of the study conducted by Coriolis. And in particular, the work carried out in relation to local biodiversity. According to them, this will be affected by the appearance of this electricity production facility. “It is home to protected species such as the golden eagle, bald eagle and vulture or buzzard.notes Bruno Ladsus of the Federation of Great Causes. These are species for which there are national action plans.” In other words, these are endangered species of birds of prey. The same for “Bats and nightshades, this is a vital sector for her and the project says there is a low residual risk”adds Bruno Lads.

The impact study mentions: “Any construction of wind turbines should be avoided in municipalities rated above 5/10. In contrast, municipalities located west of the PNRGC are rated below several vulture issues and would be better for wind farm construction. .Verrier scores 6.46 for the griffon vulture, 4/10 for the griffon vulture, 2.14 for the buzzard, 1 5/10 for the golden eagle, and 0/10 for the Egyptian vulture.” According to the “antis”, “observations were only carried out for thirteen months: two training sessions would have allowed for a more complete inventory”.

The mayor of the city, Jerome Muries, is aware that there is no risk of encountering birds of prey. “There will be cameras in this park to limit it, they have to be generalized because it worksabounds with the chosen one. We can imagine that when a bird of prey dies after a collision, we use the money generated by the wind turbines to rebuild two of them.

So many activities that do not satisfy the association. They no longer need wind power in Aveyron. “We already have a territory with positive energy, we could bet more on hydraulics”, adds Bruno Lads. Aveyronnais is also the administrator of the Cérémé (Circle for the Study of Environmental Realities and the Energy Mix). association, “created by citizens”, “wishes the debate on French energy policy to be based on an objective analysis, independent of any financial interests, without any bias”. He is widely opposed to wind power nationally, as his local representative shows.

For other more anonymous observers like Greg, “ordinary forest user”location is a task. “I found it strange that this isolated piece of forest was chosenme, he explains. It is increasingly difficult to find a piece of forest without finding barriers every three meters. I’m not against wind energy at all.” On the contrary, for Christian Albinet and Alain Mondetegui, members of Sud-Energia, “This project meets all requirements”. Civic cooperative “provides local solutions to combat climate change”. With their trained eye the two men in the shade of Verrier’s trees notice that “This project meets all the requirements.”

“It is socially beneficial and the money will be used locallythey restore. We have to stop saying that this is an industrial project, this is an exemplary civic project that has nothing to do with the projects of large groups.” From now on, the investigating officer, who will be on duty at the city hall until the end of the month, must give his opinion.

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