Spring and summer photo meetings in nature

1 Image of the Vincennes Festival

From 18 to 22 May place at the fourth festival of images Vincennes, open to amateurs and professionals. This biennial aims to highlight new talents and allow them to meet professionals in this field. More than 30 exhibitions with free indoor and outdoor access will be available throughout Vincennes. Among others, we will find Pascal Metro, Cares Leroy, Ervan Amis, Nikos Aliagas, Euan Leburde, as well as amateurs on a variety of topics: sea, underwater, landscapes, self-portraits, street photography and more.

Conferences hosted by world-renowned photographers will focus on specific topics, from sports photography to landscape photography. The Vinsen Image Festival also offers photo tours, portfolio reading, culinary workshops, a positive wet collodion master class, vintage car photography, a retouching master class and many other activities that will delight enthusiasts.

Vincennes Image Festival, in Vincennes, from 18 to 22 May 2022.

2 Women expose themselves

Femmes s’exposent, an open-air photo festival dedicated to women photographers, takes place from June 8 to September 4 in Ulgat, Normandy. This year, special attention is paid to Lebanon: the festival honors artists such as Ieva Saudargaite, Manu Ferneyni, Rima Marun and Laura Menassa. These photographers illustrate many aspects and current issues of this complex and fascinating country.

As every year, the festival aims to make women reporters stand out and show their enormous contribution to photography in all areas, from sports photography to war photography, including practices such as portraiture. “This fifth edition is more than ever placed under the sign of sustainability. Exhibitions offer us immersion in a weary world, in complete mutation, inviting us to gain height, let go, face the magic of the living and think about a more harmonious future.says Beatrice Tupen, director and founder of the festival.

Women are exhibited in Ulgat, Normandy, from June 8 to September 4, 2022.

3 Portrait-s

Among the outdoor photo tours we offer is the tenth Portrait (s) festival, which will take place this summer in Vichy from June 24 to September 4. This year Portrait (s) will offer 13 exhibitions. We will discover, among others, Omar Victor Diop, who combines photographic portrait, picturesque traditions, taste for staging and costume; Meryl Meisler, who transported us to New York in the 1970s; Courtney Roy, who addresses the complex issue of the disappearance of Indigenous women in Canada on the so-called “road of tears”; Charlotte Budon and Marie Magnier, who examine the body in motion with the help of dance photographs. The festival will also host moments of reflection, such as a sound reading of a visual work by Brigitte Patient. For ten years, the festival has highlighted the big names of the new scene, united around the poetic and political practice of portraiture.

Omar Victor Diop, Allegory 6Allegory series, 2021.© Omar Victor Diop / Galerie Magnin-A, Paris

Portrait Festival, tenth issue, in Vichy, from June 24 to September 4, 2022.

4 1976/1986 Decade of color photography

From 1is From July to September 25, a wonderful visit to the Chateau de Tour with an exhibition of 1976-1986, a decade of color photography. The exhibition offers to trace the history of the beginning of cultural and institutional recognition of color photography from the late 1970s to its assimilation and generalization during the 1980s. It explores this short and little-known period in the history of photography reserved for black and white. Among the presented artists we will find John Bateau, Daniel Budine, Harry Callahan, Hera Deckers, William Eggleston, Gilbert Fastenekens, Bernard Focona, Franco Fontana, Gisele Freund, Luigi Girri, Françoise Jimenez, and many others!

You can get the book of the exhibition here.

Château de Tours – 1976/1986 Decade of color photography in Tours, from 1is From July to September 25, 2022.

5 La Gasili – Vision of the East

From 1is From June to September 30, head to the thriving town of La Gacilly, which has hosted the La Gacilly photo festival 19 times. Fully established in its village, as close as possible to its inhabitants and actors, the festival emphasizes multiple photography, rich in different stories and international visions. The festival is free and develops as a walk within the village. Its ecological significance can no longer be proved: with its main theme of the year “Vision of the Orient”, it reaffirms with increasing energy and audacity its vocation to challenge the current environmental and social problems of our planet. For Auguste Curd, president of the festival, in 2022 “The whole world is put into perspective”. According to him, “We are witnessing an escalation of reports and speeches, each of which is more disturbing than the other. In this noise and this war of information, which is sometimes untrue, truncated and should help us understand what to think, what to do? »

Thus, La Gacilly 2022 offers the slogan: “Honestly, responsibly and confidently”. The festival, as always, will give a voice to those who resist adversity, rethink themselves so as not to suffer, and who act, thinking about it, for their own good and the good of the rest of life.

La Gasilla – Vision of the East, in La Gasilla, from 1is From June to September 30, 2022.

6 Photo meetings in Arles

From July 4 to September 25, come for a walk in Arles, the French capital of photography! 53and it will host Rencontres with more than forty different exhibitions, in addition to those offered by the Grand Arles Express. The theme of the year will be Visible, invisible: open summer. Photographic journey through the region Meetings offer to shake our eyes, shake our perception. Among the flagship exhibitions, we recommend the General Mechanics exhibition, which will feature the Verbund collection, which has not yet been published in France and which gives “Feminist avant-garde of the 1970s”highlighting common performative practices on continents. As a result of research conducted over 18 years, the exhibition is dedicated to women artists, for whom photography was one of the main means of expressing emancipation before the uprising.

Mitch Epstein, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, 1981. © Black River Productions, Ltd./ Thomas Zander Gallery / Mitch Epstein

Rencontres d’Arles 2022, in Arles, from July 4 to September 25.

7 ImageSingles

ImageSingulières on the Web, entitled In Search of Lost Time, offers a look back at the two years of forced inaction he has faced. In addition to the significant expansion of the exhibition space, on May 26 and 29 the festival will hold shows for the first time in its historic space, Chai des Moulins. There will be one dedicated to Lebanese photographer Miriam Boulos, winner of the ISEM 2021 Grand Prix in Documentary Photography and a very young member of Magnum: a show that will allow us to follow the recent history of Beirut. Meetings organized by the CéTàVOIR association invite you to take a walk to discover unique views of the modern world. It seems to be challenging and thought-provoking.

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