Spring tourists arrived in Gaspezi

Sylvie Tasse is making her first trip to Gaspezi this year aboard her ship Westphalia.

This spring region is a place of choice for those who left the Laurentians with their wives. Not too many people. We like it when we are a little more lonely; we are a little wildshe admits, laughing. lobster roll ce midi”,”text”:”C’est la saison du homard qui commence. [On va] peut-être [manger] un petit lobster roll ce midi”}}”>The lobster season begins. [On va] maybe [manger] a little lobster roll this afternoon.

Sylvie Tasse is resting in Carlton-sur-Mer with her husband.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Isabel Larouse

Also during the trip to Gaspezi, Madonna Poirier uses long weekends to enjoy seafood. We go down at this time because we can eat fresh crabs, not frozen ones. The weather is good and the road is goodshe says.

Woman in front of her busy car.

Madonna Poirier from Quebec is vacationing in Carlton-sur-Mer.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Isabel Larouse

This year we celebrate the great return of international tourists to the hotel in Carlton-sur-Mer.

We have French tourists who are already coming to rest at this time of year. We also received Spanish tourists last week, and there we are seeing more and more English-speaking tourists from other Canadian provinces and the United States.says Manoir Belle Plage Operations Director Eloise Tanguay-Beaumont.

Manoir Belle Plage, photographed from the outside.

At Manoir Belle Plage we are already experiencing a mania from tourists from abroad.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Isabel Larouse

Starting next week, it will be the turn of the Carlton-sur-Mer municipal camp to open its doors. The city hopes that Mother Nature will cooperate.

The mayor of Carlton-sur-Mer, Mathieu Lapuant, was photographed in front of the Pointe Tracadigas lighthouse, not far from the campsite.

The mayor of Carlton-sur-Mer, Mathieu Lapuant, was photographed in front of the Pointe Tracadigas lighthouse, not far from the campsite.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Isabel Larouse

We expect June to be very goodsaid Mayor Carlton-sur-Mer Mathieu Lapuent. So far the reservations are good. We have a lot of bookings for the month of June. Last year was exceptional, a record! We think we can reach these numbersadds the chosen one.

There is a trend of spring tourism

After two years of pandemic, Quebec residents still see Gaspezi as a place to relax, even in the spring. The trend pleases the tourism industry Gaspe, which has been working for several years to extend the tourist season.

Despite the fact that the borders are open, people still want to visit Quebec. They still want to visit the places they discovered during the pandemic, wherever they have been before, and this continues this summerrejoices Mrs. Tanguay-Beaumont.

A woman in her thirties wearing glasses.

Eloise Tanguay-Beaumont, Operations Director at Manoir Belle Plage.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Isabel Larouse

Spring tourism has become widespreadconfirms Stephanie Thibault, Director of Marketing and Communications at Tourisme Gaspésie.

As a result, last year’s occupancy rate was higher than usual. The context of the pandemic has a lot to do with this, but it can still be seen this year, we can feel it. According to Ms. Thibault, in 2021 the occupancy rate in Gaspez was 54.7% in June.

The regional tourist association has been working for a long time to extend the tourist season before and after the summer. Tourisme Gaspésie tries to offer activities different from those offered during the summer season. You can still go spring skiing, but there is also canyoning and raftinglists Stephanie Thibault.

A woman on a bicycle stopped to have a snack, looking at the sea.

Carleton-sur-Mer has many tourists.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Isabel Larouse

After conducting market research, the organization noted the interest of people aged 18 to 34 to spring vacation in Gaspez. We want to offer them micro-adventuressays the marketing director.

Tourisme Gaspésie is also developing an advertising campaign focused exclusively on spring tourism, which will start next year. For the first time, such an advertising approach will be separated from the summer campaign.

According to a report by Isabel Larouse

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