Star Wars The Empire Against Attack: Why did George Lucas change the end of the film after the sort?

In 1980, after the success of “Star Wars, episode IV: A new story”, George Lucas decided to produce a suite: “Star Wars, episode V: The counter-attack empire”. Do you know what you can do to change the end of the film some days after sorting in the halls?

Star Wars, episode V : very critical and popular successes

In 1977, George Lucas decided to launch a film in the dark ambition. The product and the reality Star Wars, episode IV: A new story. If the film is so popular, George Lucas doesn’t think he can make a critical and popular story. In effect, for a budget of 11 million dollarsle tout premier opus de la license Star Wars report on the number of years plus 775 million dollars in box office receipts. An impressive score, noting the lord of the first variety, which George Lucas can produce in a suite: Star Wars, episode V: The Counter-Attack Empire.

Star Wars, episode V: The Counter-Attack Empire © LucasFilm

Fatigué par la production du premier film, George Lucas prefers to work on the stage. You can save your screenwriter’s and producer’s stories, he confesses the realization of The Empire against the attack to Irvin Kershner. George Lucas is very independent, and he is 20 years oldth Century Fox, which distributes the film, searches for licenses, he prefers to invest in real fortune in Star Wars V to preserve artistic freedom.

George Lucas modified the film

This is an anecdote made by meconnue de Star Wars, episode V: The Counter-Attack Empirereport par Premiere. Shortly after the official long-distance production (May 21, 1980) before the national meeting (June 18, 1980), Tom Smith, General Manager of Industrial Light & Magic (the boat that occupies the special effects of the film) get a phone call from George Lucas. This is the last thing you want to know more about the plans for the new one Star Wars. Tom Smith bondit de sa chaise, et ne comprend pas vraiment la demande de George Lucas, surtout maintenant que le film est déjà diffusé in one cent of American cinema.

George Lucas veut rajouter quelques plans sur la conclusion de The Empire against the attack. Selon lui, “la fin du film n’est pas claire” and the spectators on the other hand to fully understand the geographical situation of the characters. D’après le cinéaste toujours, le premier montage de The Empire against the attack read more about the characters of the film: Leïa, R2-D2, C3-PO and Luke (and in the new novel) from a cottage and land and Chewbacca de l’autre, all over the Millennium Faucon. What I can’t do. Seoul les deux derniers ont pris le vaisseau d’Han Solo pour partir à sa recherche.

Star Wars, episode V: The Counter-Attack Empire
Star Wars, episode V: The Counter-Attack Empire © LucasFilm

Ainsi, George Lucas see how to correct, ajotant trois petits plans assez simples à concevoir. The first established plus the precision of the situation of the rebel fleet; le deuxième se place dans le Faucon Millenium pour expliker que Lando et Chewbacca partent de leur côté; and to the best of my ability to understand that Luke and Leïa are on the interior of a medical frigate.

George Lucas reunits donc une limited team, a composition composed by Cameraman Ken Ralston and the future director Joe Johnston for tourner ces trois plans additionnels. There is no actor involved in this reshoot. Selected models are used to realize these sequences. The trio will tour the children’s sequences and environments in Industrial Light & Magic to add special effects. In some ways, Industrial Light & Magic realizes the effects of special commands by George Lucas, and these three plans are long-distance. Une décision, selon Tom Smith, at the request of Irvin Kershner, I was not able to do that.Quant à la version originale du film sans ces trois plans additionnels, difficile de savoir si elle existe toujours quelque part …

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