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Discover a summary and explanation of the end of episode 2 of season 3 of the series Love Death + Robots on Netflix! Spoilers!

Love Death + Robots is available on Netflix! If you want to know summary and explanation of the end of episode 2 of season 3, read on! “Bad Journey” is about the fate of starships that went on a voyage and could not hunt the “Great Shark Jable”, a mythical creature hiding in a huge alien ocean. To find out when season 4 comes out, read this.

This is an understatement. In this 20-minute short story about a sailor who makes a reckless deal with a slimy crustacean who uses corpses as fleshy megaphones, a “bad” trip is the best we can get. here summary and explanation of the end of episode 2 of season 3 of Love Death + Robots!

Love Death + Works Season 3 Episode 2 Summary

The crab, at least from the subtitles, is called a tanopod. The man who is negotiating with him is called Torrin, an amazing sailor whose first task is to belch the creature of the key to the chest with a gun. With that in mind, he has a stronger bargaining tool than the straw that everyone pulled out to decide who went under the bridge first.

A large man who has appointed himself a leader is the first to receive food from a tanopod to satisfy his appetite on the way to the nearest island, to which he asked for a safe passage.

Feiden Island is inhabited. Leaving the tanopod there is likely to result in a significant loss of innocent people, so Torrin proposes a secret ballot in which the surviving sailors either vote to choose this easy option, despite the moral implications, or try to trick the creature into taking her away. more remote uninhabited islands, hoping she won’t realize the deception.

But this vote is a trick in itself. Torrin compiles and marks the ballots to determine which sailor voted for which side. Two who voted to convict the innocent from Fayden Island to flee, he executes them and feeds them a tanopod.

Love Death + Works Season 3 Episode 2 Explaining the End

After Torrin makes a deal with Tanopod, it becomes clear that the ship’s crew is really doomed. Therefore, Torrin strategically eliminates his crewmates and feeds them a monster.

After a surviving crew member helps Torrin feed Tanopod, Torrin reveals that the secret ballot was fictitious because everyone voted for Fayden Island. The ship arrives on a nearby island, but Tanopod realizes that he has been deceived. Before the creature manages to vent his anger on Torrin, he burns the ship with oil and escapes in a lifeboat. The episode ends with Tanopod dying in the flames when Torrin sails away.

The the end of the 2nd series of the 3rd season of the series Love Death + Robots shows Torrin’s actions in a new light. At first it seems that Torrin is morally unjust and seeks only to ensure his own survival. However on endviewers learn that Torrin knew that the ship’s crew was doomed and had no chance of surviving.

However, their deaths could have been used to prevent the Tanopods from attacking the innocent inhabitants of Feiden Island. In the end, Torrin manages to pull Tanopod off Fayden Island and lead him to his death. However, Torrin is also the only survivor of the incident, which underscores the moral ambiguity of his actions.

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