Tastes of Europe and opening at the Cannes Two-Week Directors

– 18 of the 25 selected directors will make their first steps on Croisette with a feature film. Mia Hansen-Love, Alice Winocour, Alex Garland and Joao Pedro Rodriguez shine

Good morning author Mia Hansen-Love

Dedicated to SRF by a Lithuanian director Mantas Kvedaravičius killed in Ukraine, his colleague Oleg Sentsov who are currently fighting on the front line and all artists forced to wage war, not films, the 54th issue of “Two Weeks of Directors” (which will take place from 18 to 24 May at the 75th Cannes Film Festival) has lifted the curtain on a very attractive program of 23 feature films films (which will soon end with an Asian film), dominated by an armada of 17 European directors. Strong presence, in particular, marked by a flurry of nine French titles, overrepresentation resulting from Paolo Morettithe general delegate of the fortnightly (who will bow at the end of this issue – read the news) on the volume of French applications (336 French feature films against, for example, 60 Spaniards).

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However, no one complains about this, because in the fortnight we will be able to discover new works by particularly attractive directors, such as Mia Hansen-Love, Alice Winocourt and Philip Foconthe second feature is very promising Leah Missions and Thomas El Salvador3 length of increasing value Nicolas Pariser and two documentaries of interest, the first with his son signed by a novelist Anna Erno and the second is a well-known duo of researchers of extraordinary cinematic impressions, composed by Verena Paravel and his English alter ego Lucien Castein-Taylor. This is not forgetting withdrawthe first French-language film by an Italian Pietro Marcello who will open this edition (read the news).

Other Europeans are also not relieved, starting with the British Mark Jenkins and Alex Garland will make their first steps on Croisette, preceded by the excellent reputation of their previous films, although the Portuguese are a regular at this place. Joao Pedro Rodriguez will present his new opus. This wave of directors from the Old Continent includes the Swiss Lionel Bayer and in the department of the first features of l’Espagnole Elena Lopez Riera and Ukr Dmytro Sukholytskyi-Sobchuk.

North America is back (after just one title last year) with two American feature films (signed Owen Klein and duet Anna Rose Holmer – Saela Davis) and Canadian (the first feature of the director Charlotte LeBron). It should also be noted that the Carrosse d’Or 2022 Quinzaine des Réalisateurs will be awarded Kelly Reichardt.

The demonstration concludes with five artistic debuts: two South Americans (Chileans Manuela Martelli and Colombian Fabian Hernandez), two Tunisians (man Build Sehiri and Youssef Chebby) and Lebanese Ali Cherry which was filmed in Sudan.

The program, presented this afternoon in Paris at the Forum des Images, which includes 11 directors and is of great interest, is clearly marked by discoveries and complemented by several well-established values ​​that will create attractiveness.

Selected movies:

withdrawPietro Marcello (opening film)
1976Manuela Martelli
El AguaElena Lopez Riera
DamAli Cherry
Super 8 yearsAnnie Erno and David Erno-Brio
AshkalYoussef Chebby
Five devilsLeah Missions
De Humani Corporis FabricaVerena Paravel and Lucien Castein-Taylor
Continental drift (south)Lionel Bayer
Enys MenMark Jenkins
Falcon LakeCharlotte LeBron
Fogo-FatuoJoao Pedro Rodriguez
Funny pagesOwen Klein
God’s creationAnna Rose Holmer and Saela Davis
KharkivPhilip Focon
MountainThomas El Salvador
PamphirDmytro Sukholytskyi-Sobchuk
See Paris againAlice Winocourt
Under the fig treesBuild Sehiri
Good morningMia Hansen-Love
CrowFabian Hernandez
MenAlex Garland (special session)
Green perfumeNicolas Pariser (closing film)

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