The 32nd Crab Festival will take place this Sunday, August 7, in Plouarzel – Plouarzel

Jaua Simon, how long have you been a volunteer at the Ploirzel Crab Festival, the 32nd edition of which will take place this Sunday, August 7, 2022 in Ploirzel, and why this choice?

Jaoua Simon, leader of the “cleaners” team at the Crab Festival in Plouartzel: “I was there from the beginning, when the tourist office replaced the municipal tourist office. A simple choice: to participate in the animation of local life.”

When did you become the head of the cleaning team and how does this beautiful mechanism work?

“I started working in my second or third year. The crab cooking workshop consists of about thirty volunteers: three supply and keep the area clean, three others work on the cleaning lines, each consists of one person who separates the shell from the body without removing the claws and legs, six people who clean the body and shells, another who restores the crab, and the last one who stores them in the refrigerator. Now you can taste them! Training starts on Sunday morning at 7:30am and ends around noon with a twenty minute break in between. The first or second year, it took more than forty people and lasted up to 15-16 hours! All the claws and all the legs had been smashed with a hammer and the bodies had been cut in half. However, with the current method, the recovered crab really does look like a brown crab! Guests break claws and paws with tongs, which they bring themselves or rent on site. Less waste! Previously, 80% of claws and paws ended up in the trash…”.

How do you feel about the party atmosphere? What is your best memory?

“The atmosphere is wonderful, because this festival unites volunteers from various associations of the municipality and promotes a certain solidarity of the social fabric. The most memorable year was when it rained all day. A real flood! We were in big tents, the pallets were restored so that our feet would not be in the mud. And we sang to drown out the noise of the rain and hammer blows. From time to time it was necessary to take a broom to remove the pockets of water that formed on the roofs of the capitals. Paradoxically, by 5:00 p.m. that year, all the crabs had been sold.”

You are very interested. What is your volunteering experience?

“I took part in inter-district competitions in 1980. When they stopped, I took part in 1992 in the creation of Trézien Détente, which organized a pétanque tournament in the summer, ham on the bone at the end of August, visits to the Trézien lighthouse. Since 1984, I have worked at Plouarzel Basket. In 1992, when the minimum team was growing in the region, I set up an animation committee to find funding to support this team at this level, so the club’s first draw was held every year, until unfortunately being cut short due to a health crisis, but it will recover! I also participated in the creation of the municipal tourist office, which has now replaced Plouarzel Animation.’


Crab Festival, Sunday, August 7, 2022, in the village of Plouarzel. In case of bad weather, take shelter under tents and communal rooms. On the menu: appetizer (tabbouleh/tomato), whole crab and seasonal fruit (nectarine). Cost: €15 (without drinks). Don’t forget to bring a crab claw and a glass. A variety of food stalls and two bars are open throughout the day. No pre-sale, same day. At the beginning of the evening, the 33rd World Championship of Kornbot, the bullhorn, the progenitor of the mobile phone…

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