The amazing distribution of departments in the State Council

Rarely has the procedure for allocating departments to the State Council lasted so long, arousing as much interest as rumors. The reasons for this flourishing are the arrival of four new ministers and the movement of the majority to the right. In this already difficult game, like the Black Stone card, the Department of Education, which cost the place of the socialist Sesla Amarelle and which no one wanted to take away. The discussion seemed difficult, but it accelerated this Wednesday, during the second meeting of the new college. The updated design, which was announced this Thursday afternoon, is important because the layout is not always readable. Surprises live up to expectations.

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The first concerns schools. After a long socialist rule, they passed into the hands of the right. It is PLR’s Frederic Borlo who heads the Cesla Amarelle division, which is refocused on education detached from childhood and adolescence, as well as culture. “It was important for the new majority to take over this large department, which was free, and I was one of the four who feared it the least,” smiles Eigla, a former trustee and current member of the National Council. More seriously, this area poses many challenges to our youth, and I feel strong enough to overcome them. ” “Our party is a big winner in the election, and we respect our campaign commitments,” said Marc-Olivier Buffa, president of PLR, a party that has made education one of its priorities.

Minister of Finance without a deputy

Mark-Olivier Buffa, who also insists on the concept of “union”, commenting on another surprise of the day: the neophyte Valerie Ditley takes over finance, the undisputed kingdom for twenty years of Pascal Brulis’s PLR, and agriculture. “I enter this position with great respect for the work done,” said the centrist. In political Landernau, there were many people waiting to know which department would be in favor of the 29-year-old young woman, an election sensation. But no one would put in the position of a big earner. The choice will be “asked” on the left, in particular by Jessica Jacques, the president of the Socialist Party: “Valerie Dittley will have to go and defend the budgets before the Grand Council, but without any MP who can be relied on.”

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The President of the Verkhovna Rada is particularly pleased that the left, even in the minority, “was able to maintain a strong position in the State Council.” Thus, Rebecca Ruiz was able to keep her Department of Health and Social Affairs, the largest in budget equivalent, despite strong pressure from certain circles, such as private clinics, to keep health right. For her part, Nuria Gorrite maintains the mobility and service of staff, while acquiring a culture previously associated with the school. As for the Green Vasilis Venizelos, he will head the department built around the Beatrice Metro department, with environmental protection, police and prisons, as well as children and youth. Addressing Yverdonnois, Yverdonnoi is happy to “delve into specific issues and develop public policy”, including on the topic of the environment he put forward “during his campaign”.

Again on the right, PLR Isabel More follows in the footsteps of Philippe Leuba, in charge of employment, economic assistance and asylum. With an organized department of sports and agriculture, which combines buildings and heritage, as well as the management of the State Pension Fund. Not surprisingly, his party colleague Christelle Luizier, the only one elected in the first round of elections, is becoming prime minister of the future legislature. PCR maintains institutional and common affairs in its department, as well as territory and housing, adding sports.

A president who wants to unite people

“I took office two years ago, I wanted to continue the work done with my teams when we are facing huge institutional problems,” said Christelle Louise. Many expected her to be the patroness of finance. “I see my role as president as a president who has to decide between the desire to develop and restrain. Financial management is essentially restrained. ” As a symbolic gesture, she will co-chair the Climate Plan with environmentalist Vasilis Venizelos.

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Attached to the idea of ​​a team, Christelle Louise finally congratulates herself on being able to find a path that leads to “solutions that unite people after a lively election campaign.” She concludes: “We have managed to maintain a balance by following informal rules that promote seniority and election results.”

Taking the oath on June 28 in the Cathedral of Lausanne, the new Council of State will take effect on July 1.

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