The best (and worst) episode of each Disney MCU + series on IMDb

With the conclusion of Fr. lunar knight, The Marvel movie universe has now been expanded to six Disney + streams. Disney + MCU content has received stellar acclaim Wanda Vision arrive at the height of imprisonment, but since then the road has been littered with pitfalls.

Some Marvel shows have received a similar rating, for example Loki and Hawk’s eyewhile others were more polarizing, for example And if…? and Falcon and winter soldier. According to IMDb users, MCU streaming shows are mixed.

6 The best and worst episode of WandaVision

The best: in a very special episode… and before – RELATIONSHIP, 8.9

The two episodes are connected Wanda Visionis the best on IMDb: the fifth episode, “In a very special episode…”, and the eighth episode, “Earlier on”. They are both very important steps Wanda Visionthe general story consists of nine parts.

In “In a very special episode …” everything starts to fall into place, as Wanda finally responds to Vizhna’s suspicions. In the penultimate episode of “Previously Enabled”, Agatha takes on the role of a great calamity and uses magical memories to complete the rest of Wanda’s emotional story.

Worst: Filmed in front of the audience live on the studio – 7.3

According to IMDb, the worst episode with Wanda Vision was the first episode of “Filmed in front of a live studio.” Despite some hints that strange things are happening, “Filmed in front of a live audience” is a more or less simple episode of the sitcom.

There is a hint of the world outside Westway and some speculation that the inhabitants are magically held hostage, but for the most part the pilot focuses on a poorly prepared dinner. The trimmed story was refreshing after the apocalyptic bets Avengers: Finalbut IMDb users did not appreciate that the series started slowly.

5 The best and worst episode of “Falcon and the Winter Soldier”.

The best: the whole world is watching – 8.7

in general, Falcon and winter soldier received a much more mixed response from critics than his more widely accepted predecessor, Wanda Vision. IMDb users rated most episodes of the series mediocre, but they were very positive about the fourth series.

“The whole world is watching” ends with shocking events, when John Walker finally goes into complete villain mode and knocks down the Flag Breaker with the shield of Captain America.

Worst: New World Order – 7.6

Like the first episode Wanda Visionwhich also received the lowest rating in the series by IMDb users, the first episode Falcon and winter soldier the show began slowly.

The highlight of this series was the dynamics of Sam and Bucky “friend of the policeman”, but the titled Avengers do not share a single scene in the first episode.

4 Loki’s best and worst episode

Best: The Nexus Event – 9.0

After Falcon and winter soldier received mixed reviews, Loki some of them returned the streaming contents of the MCU to the proper mode Wanda Vision– recognized level. The fourth episode of the series “Nexus Event” received the highest rating by IMDb users.

This episode provided all the payouts that fans have been waiting for, including the revelation of the mysterious Time Keepers who turn out to be androids. In the stunning limb, Loki is cut off and sent to an abandoned dimension full of its variants.

Worst: Lamentis – 7.7

IMDb’s warm response to the fourth episode Loki appeared immediately after the third episode of “Lamentis”, receiving the worst rating of the series to date (and, ultimately, the worst rating for the entire first season).

After two quick and intense actions of the parties, LokiIn the third episode, Loki and Sylvia find themselves in a world that awaits the apocalypse. It was a fun setup, but no sense of urgency. They just ride the train and communicate.

3 The best and worst episode of “What if …?”

Best: And if … Altron won? – 9.0

Reviews of the MCU Disney + show are again mixed after a positive response to Loki. Various machinations And if…? not so captivated the imagination of Marvel fans as the original comic.

The first season was very shocking or missed, with many episodes that can be forgotten and a few gems, such as the episode of the series with the highest rating on IMDB – the penultimate episode of “What if … Altron won?” – who finally took full advantage of the threat posed by Altron.

Worse: what if … Thor was the only child? – 6.5

The smallest episode on IMDb And if…? Season 1 may have the lowest stakes: the seventh episode, “What if … Thor was the only child?” Being Thor’s only child is not really a hypothetical scenario; he had just had a big party on Earth.

With Captain Marvel, there is a fun scene between the hero and the hero, but this episode is mostly just a dating movie about superheroes, which does not take advantage of the alternative universe of the show. .

2 The best and worst episode of Falcon’s Eye

Best: Ronin – 8.5

Top rated episode Hawk’s eyeProbably the strongest and most cohesive MCU Disney + show to date is the fifth episode of Ronin. The highlight of this episode is the fun chemistry on the screen, which was shared by Hailey Steinfeld and Florence Pew.

This episode summed up the boring image that summed up a series of Marvel Disney + shows: the revelation of a mysterious villain. Hawk’s eyeThe fifth episode shows that Kingpin is a big bad guy, instead of developing the tangible dynamics of a villainous hero at an early stage (just like Agatha, the Power Broker and The One Who Remains).

Worst of all: never meet your heroes – 7.5

Many of the premieres of MCU streaming shows have not been liked by IMDb users. Hawk’s eyeepisode with the lowest IMDb rating, similar to the one in Wanda Vision and Falcon and winter soldierthis is the first, “Never meet your heroes.”

Marvel Disney + series either have a bad start or excel throughout the period. Hawk’s eye is an example of the latter: the show started strong and became stronger. The first episode has a fun introductory speech for Kate Bishop and a bunch of exciting scenes, such as a battle in a wine cellar and a return to action in the style of John Vic Clint.

1 The best and worst episode of “Moon Knight”.

Best: Shelter – 8.9

IMDb users rated each episode positively lunar knight, but they really liked the fifth episode of “Asylum”. “Asylum” – a visually stunning deep immersion in the fragmented psyche of Mark.

In a psychiatric institution, he discovers an idea of ​​his own restless mind, which travels through the mystical wasteland of the afterlife on a flying boat. Throughout the episode, memories reveal the tragic story of Mark and the creation of his image of Stephen Grant.

Worst: Friendly guy – 7.6

It’s easy to see why IMDb users have the least favorite episode lunar knight was the third, “Friendly Type”, as it is by far the softest and most mediocre episode of the series.

The show had fewer psychological thrills as it took viewers on a trip to Cairo. Fortunately, the next episode caught up with him with the infamous carpet draw.

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