The best music mobile phones for babies

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In addition to allowing a child to imitate older children, music mobile is soothing and comforting. After that, the child relaxes when he falls asleep. Find out in this article the best music mobile phones for babies and our tips.

The appearance of a child is always full of events. Between diapers, food and sleep (when he agrees to fall asleep easily) you have little time for yourself. Very sensitive to noise, a child may have trouble falling asleep or waking up at any time. You need a mobile phone so that he can easily, quickly and calmly get into the arms of Morpheus.

Musical, and sometimes bright, these devices are able to calm the child before, during and after sleep. In addition to the basic features, some models have voice recorders that allow you to record your voice and 100% personalized songs. To help you find the perfect product, we have selected the best children’s mobile phones for you.

Our favorite: the Fisher-Price music mobile phone with the Cry Sensor convertible night light

This beautiful music mobile turns into a music box and night light to monitor the growth and development of the child. We appreciate the presence of a crying sensor, so the mobile restarts as soon as the baby gets excited.


  • The mobile turns into a music box with a night light to accompany the child’s development
  • Playlist “1, 2, 3, sleep” with melodies and sounds accompanied by soft light to help your child fall asleep
  • Built-in sensor: the mobile restarts as soon as the child makes noise
  • Suitable from birth in mobile mode, and then as a music box and night light when the child grows up

Our opinion:

This sleek mobile phone is scalable as it turns into a music box and night light as the baby grows. Comes from birth, calms the baby and helps him fall asleep peacefully.

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The most versatile: 3-in-1 music mobile phone from Infantino

This 3-in-1 music mobile phone turns into a projector and then into a night light with a built-in alarm mode that scatters soft light. The sound is adjustable, and the device plays 6 melodies and 4 soothing sounds of nature.


  • The mobile turns into a projector and a night light with a built-in alarm clock
  • 3 removable soft toys, a mirror and a projector that attract the child’s attention
  • Adjustable sound: 6 melodies and 4 sounds of nature
  • Auto power off mode and wake up mode to simulate daylight
  • Scalable mobile according to the age of the child: from birth to 6 months in the movable position, from 6 to 18 months in the position of night lighting, from 18 months in the position of the bedside table

Our opinion:

This charming music mobile plays several melodies whose sound level can be adjusted. It is a developing mobile phone that monitors the growth of the child and can be transformed into a night light and a soothing bedside lamp.

The most colorful: colorful music mobile from VTech

This sleek, colorful music mobile is perfect for stimulating a child’s vision. The programmable timer allows you to select the operating time from 10, 20 or 30 minutes. Its compact size allows you to take it with you everywhere!


  • Built-in sensor: mobile reboots when baby cries
  • The glowing globe is removable: it can be used as a projector or a regular night light
  • Programmable timer: 10, 20 or 30 minutes
  • Compact format that you can take with you everywhere: crab clip allows you to attach it to a stroller or maxi braid
  • 7 volume levels
  • Sleep mode to calm the baby
  • 3 songs and 40 melodies

Our opinion:

This rather colorful music mobile is very complete: it can be used as a music mobile, but also as a night light. Its hinged bracket is removable and allows you to attach it to other supports (stroller, sink seat, etc.). We appreciate that we can program it for a fixed period.

The most classic: music mobile phone 2-in-1 from Smoby

This beautiful music mobile also acts as a projector and then as a night light as the baby grows. The built-in crying sensor allows the device to reboot as soon as the baby starts to worry or make noise.


  • 4 sounds: 3 lullabies and 1 neutral atmosphere
  • Soft light that changes color
  • Built-in cry sensor
  • Flowers and butterflies are designed on the ceiling to calm the child
  • The head of the mobile is removed to turn into a night light when the child grows up

Our opinion:

This charming music mobile has the advantage that it can turn into a night light when a child grows up. For this purpose it will be enough to disconnect a head of a shoulder of the mobile by means of which it fastens to a bed. The melodies are pleasant and help the child to fall asleep. The crying sensor can also detect if the baby is excited and the cell phone will restart automatically.

What is children’s music mobile used for?

As its name implies, a music mobile is a device designed to create music, mostly rotating over a child’s bed. The mobile is usually mounted on the head of the bed, at the level of the beams or on the stroller for some models. The music mobile helps the child to fall asleep, while calming him. Some models are equipped with a crying sensor, they are activated when the child is excited or seems to whine. Therefore, music mobile is ideal for helping a child fall asleep, it also stimulates the child’s senses (sight and hearing).

Before choosing one model over another, you should check several criteria:

  • Dimensions: make sure the size of the model meets your expectations.
  • Fixing method: the nozzle must be adapted to the type of bed. Some models can also be attached to the stroller, which is practical when moving.
  • Music: while some models play only one music, others are equipped with several melodies and lullabies.
  • Work time: the most modern models allow you to choose the duration of the mobile.
  • Accessories: several mobile devices are equipped with removable stuffed animals, practical if the kid wants to hug them!

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