The best themed skins of legends to create in Apex Legends

the best themed skins of legends to create

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Themed events have been part of Apex Legends since Legendary Hunting in Season 1: Wild Frontier, but only in Season 10 did themed events receive a new standardized format. Since the Monsters Within event in 2021, themed events have become a way to bring 40 new themed cosmetics into play. From each set of 40, eight of them are skins of legend. At the time of writing, Apex Legends has debuted 24 Legend themed skins.

Top 10 best themed skins of the legend

After carefully reviewing each thematic legend you need to create, we have selected the 10 best skins from various themed events in the game, starting with season 10. Note that if this list prompts you to buy any of these skins, you can wait until they drop in price. The price reduction occurs a year after they were introduced in the game. We’ll see.

10. Death Row (skin Epic Revenant)

Corridor of DeathScreenshot from Pro Game Guides

While it may not be the brightest themed skin, these piercing red eyes really stand out on the Revenant model, especially if they are reflected in these dark colors. He may have just gotten his way, but he deserved a place in our top ten, rightly so.

Origin: released event

9. Bad Bot (Legendary Pathfinder Skin)

bad botScreenshot from Pro Game Guides

B-b-bad in the bot. This sharper look at Pathfinder is certainly a lot of fun, but the design is not so far removed from some of its other skins as to deserve a higher place in the chart. But the screen skull was a great choice.

Origin: released event

8. Machine language (legendary crypto-skin)

machine languageScreenshot from Pro Game Guides

This Crypto-skin definitely has a unique twist, from a unique version of his standard jacket to a jumpsuit that looks mechanical. It’s also nice to see a new hairstyle on Crypto that really suits his character (unlike some of his other skin).

Origin: released event

7. Sea Streak (Epic Octane skin)

marine seriesScreenshot from Pro Game Guides

Sea Streak is definitely the best theme for an epic craft, and it can be seen from its presence among a bunch of legendary skins. The color palette (orange and aquamarine perfectly balance each other) and design details (teeth on the mask, scales on the hands, etc.) are perfect. Getting such a cool skin for the price of epic equipment is basically theft. With some changes, he could certainly become legendary.

Origin: An event of dark depths

6. Slingshot (Legendary Valkyrie Skin)

slingshotScreenshot from Pro Game Guides

Pink hair, wrapping mask, armor: all 10/10. The only thing that keeps it lower on the list is that the red fabric on the piece under another item is a bit at odds with the rest of the leather aesthetics. However, this is one of the best skins of Valkyrie and certainly the most beautiful skin of the Legend, which was presented by the Unshackled event.

Origin: released event

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5. Inhabitant of the depths (Legendary ash skin)

Inhabitant of the depthsScreenshot from Pro Game Guides

Crab ash! Crab ash! Okay, but seriously, this is really great, vicious skin. Undoubtedly, there is a reason why we kept it for our top five. The mask adds a unique element to Ash’s face. Crab legs work perfectly in the shape of Ash’s default character. Finally, additional elements, up to the black and light green hood, perfectly match the theme of Dark Depths.

Origin: An event of dark depths

4. Necro Nightmare (Legendary Revenant Skin)

Necro nightmareScreenshot from Pro Game Guides

Honestly, it’s a controversial skin, from a fur / metal association to a denim loincloth, but we like it. This is a bold, original design that fits the spirit of the legendary skin: far enough away from the default skin to be worth the cost, but close enough to the base structure so you don’t lose character. It’s a little silly, but also a little fierce. Honestly, this is a great balance.

Origin: Monsters in the event

3. Out For Blood (Legendary Seer Skin)

In search of bloodScreenshot from Pro Game Guides

Let’s not revolve around: A seer makes a handsome vampire. A futuristic vision of a traditional vampire can also offer a lot. From metallic details on the face to those unique white and orange eyes. Gray’s hairstyle and outfits also look great on this skin, definitely the best at the Monsters Within event.

Origin: Monsters in the event

2. My Wave (Legendary Lifeline Skin)

my waveScreenshot from Pro Game Guides

When I first saw this skin, I was in love. The outfit itself is impeccable, the color palette is absolutely stunning. Her hair is cute, her makeup looks good, it would be my favorite skin on this list if there was only one thing: seashells. The white shells in her hair do not match the rest of her outfit, they are too big and look just awkward. If the shells were removed, the skin would fight hard for the top spot.

Origin: An event of dark depths

1. Overfloater (Legendary skin of Horizon)

SurfingScreenshot from Pro Game Guides

This brings us to our number one choice: Overfloater. This is not only the best skin in Dark Depths, but also the best themed skin to create in general. I have no skin flaws, and the design is unique and strong enough to stand on its own if it were the original design of the character. From hairstyles, to masks, to colors, to details, this skin will be hard to surpass, even when more themed skins debut. Overfloater receives 10/10 from us.

Origin: An event of dark depths

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