the defense and space on you well play the role of shock absorbers in 2021

“The shock absorber” is very effective. Il permis aux entreprises du Ga team of the aeronautical and aeronautical industries (GIFAS) to limit the 2021 box office in the context of the reprise of the commercial aviation markets (Airbus, ATR and Daher) and the aviation business (Dassault Aviation). The progress made in 2021 (4.35%, to 55.2 billion euros), the number of civil aviation issues and military rests all over the world before the crisis of Covid-19 ( 74.3 billion euros in 2019, 65.4 billion in 2018).

The defense exploded

In this context, the activities of the defense on the basis of realizations plus the number of cases of branch affairs (35% against 27% in 2019 and 23% in 2018). A jamais level attentive to a pasture. Clairement, the number of business representatives represented by 21% and 24% of the quinzaine, respectively, in the exception of 2020, the year of Covid-19. In 2021, levraisons are up to 19.5 billion euros (+ 18%), not 10.3 billion exports (+ 24%). Port of Rafale levraisons (25 levers of export to India and Qatar), which is relatively stable and comparable to 2019 (20 billion) but is very strong house for the 2018 report (15 billions).

“On voit le rôle très important qu’a joué la défense en 2020, et plus encore en 2021 et qui augure également d’une activité forte dans les années qui viennent dans le domaine de la défense”, a souligné jeudi le presiden du GIFAS , Guillaume Faury, lors of the presentation of the balance sheet 2021 and the perspectives 2022 of the branch.

The commands (50.1 billion euros) are in this portion of the 2021 port of defense, which represents 55% of the total prices of the last two commands (27.6 billion, 140%) . “A historical situation”, to observe the patron of GIFAS. Jamais la défense n’avait eu des “Superior parts to the civil cell”, at-il noté. The export commands are elevated to 11.7 billion euros. A level of interest in the success of Rafale in Egypt, Greece and Croatia, but also contracted by Airbus in France (Helicopter helicopters) and exports to Indonesia and Kazakhstan (A400M), Saudi Arabia civilians) and in Spain and the United Arab Emirates (A330 MRTT). In 2022, the success of the Raphael of the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Greece will be supported by companies in GIFAS to maintain a high level of command.

The space on a geostationary orbit

European leader, the French branch, which employs about 18,000 people, and this is one of the deadliest shock absorbers for GIFAS companies. The business code has been consolidated for 2021 years since 2020. There is a business code evaluation between 4.2 and 4.5 billion euros. Near 50% of this business code is realized in the export sector. Ainsi, the masters of the Oeuvre specialize in the fabrication of satellites on the shelf plus 70% of the market for satellite satellites in the last.

For part, ArianeGroup, via the Arianespace branch, for 15 lancements (305 satellites) in 2021, dont the telescope James Webb (exceptionally isolated in Dec 2021). In 2022, Arianespace signed with the Amazon a commanding port on 18 launches for mass in the orbit of the Kuiper constellation. Soit le contrat le plus important jamais signé par Arianespace. This “consecrated major consortium very strong Ariane 6”estimated Guillaume Faury.

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Le civil n’est reparti qu’en fin d’année

When defending the shock of the crisis, we can quickly increase the level of activity against the high, the civil activities on the price of the crisis in 2020 and will not be able to recover from the last days of 2021. Guillaume Faury has confirmed that in 2021 this is a year of transition, a record of a debiting exercise and a fine plus favorable.

Cela s’est traduit par une baisse de la part du civil dans le ciffre d’affaires total des entreprises du Gifas. Alors qu’il représentait traditionnellement les trois-quarts de l’activité, il est tombé à 68% en 2020 et même 65% en 2021. Il atteint ainsi 36 milliards d’euros l’an dernier, soit une stabilé par rapport à l ‘previous year.

Guillaume Faury announced that the levraisons did not comply with the provisions on the rebond of the activity at the end of the year. Parmi les progressions, le patron du Gifas cite naturallement Airbus, qui est pasé de 566 avions levirés 2020 à 611 en 2021, ainsi qu’ATR pasé de 10 à 31 appareils. In the aviation equipment business, Dassault Aviation in the 30th edition of Falcon, since June 4, 2020, also says that Daher is in front of 42 to 51 TBM.

On the engines, CFM International (co-company between Safran and the American GE Aviation) has 952 engine books, 20 of which are from 2020. It is essentially the essence of Leap (845 copies), as well as CFM56 poursuit in the production base (107).

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The commands are back

The recourse of a civilian face to the defense is more flagrant in the commands with a share of 59% in 2020 and a share of 45% in 2021. The volume of contracts indicates a growing increase, falling from 17 to 23 billion euros . The command posts are fully accelerated to the autonomous part, noting the Airbus and a fruity Dubai lounge.

In total, the European aircraft registered 507 net commands against 268 in 2020, and sold 35 copies. If the levraisons de Falcon ont reculé, les commands sont reparties largement à la hausse pour Dassault Aviation, en pasant de 15 exemplaires en 2020 à 51 l’an dernier.

Like Guillaume Faury’s precision, the supply chain for the most recently represented 20 billion euros of business figures, realized at 67% in civil and 42% in exports.