The fastest animal: every environment has its own champion

What is the fastest animal in the water?

If the mako shark is the fastest shark in the world at 70 km/h, it is definitely surpassed by other species. Two animals compete for the title of the fastest fish in the world. This is a blue marlin (Makaira nigricans) and swordfish (Xiphias gladius).

The blue marlin is a large marine fish of the Istiophoridae family. It can exceed 4 meters at 600 kg and is equipped with a formidable weapon: a long, pointed rostrum.

The swordfish belongs to the Xiphiidae family. It has a marlin-like appearance that can also reach over 4m and weigh almost 600kg. And he also has a long pointed rostrum. The only difference is that the swordfish’s rostrum is flattened, while the marlin’s is conical. They use it for defense as well as to attack their prey (fish, squid and octopus).

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Thanks to their aerodynamic bodies, these two fish can reach speeds of up to 120 km/h.

What is the fastest land animal?

The speed of cats is one of their advantages. So, a lion and a leopard can reach a speed of 58 km/h, and a jaguar – up to 80 km/h. But there is one that beats them head to toe: the cheetah.

This predator is truly endowed with an aerodynamic body, with a very thin, light and flexible skeleton, long legs and a long tail that it uses as a pendulum. In addition, unlike other felines, its claws do not retract, which allows it to grip the ground very well.

⋙ Only 12 cheetahs, felines that are in danger of extinction, remain in the wild in Iran

That is why he is a sprinter, not a marathon runner. It can reach over 110 km/h (sometimes 130 km/h), but for very short distances, barely 500 meters. He walks 7-8 m per step and takes four steps per second. This allows the cheetah to hunt as well as escape from predators such as lions or hyenas, against which it is no match.

What is the fastest air animal in the world?

Peregrine falcon (from the scientific name Falco peregrinus) is the overall champion in the air because, in addition to being one of the fastest birds in flight, it is also the fastest in diving.

This medium-sized bird of prey (about 50 cm per 1 kg), with long pointed and muscular wings, hunts almost exclusively on birds. And his attacks are very effective! Thus, it is able to glide at a speed of 90 km/h, and when it spots its prey, dive into a diving position from a very high height at a speed of 390 km/h! Because the female is larger and heavier than the male, she is faster.

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But, despite this formidable asset, the peregrine falcon succeeds at best in only one attack out of five to ten attempts. The success rate is often closer to one successful attack per 15 attempts.

What is the fastest animal in the world?

But who is the fastest animal in the world? If you compare the length of the body with the distance traveled in one second, then it is a tick Paratarsotomus macropalpis. belong to the family Anystidae, a small animal measuring 0.7 mm is endemic to Southern California. It is usually found on sidewalks and in rocky places.

A few years ago, scientists discovered that this tick is also very fast. In one second, he runs 322 times the length of his body. By comparison, a cheetah travels 16 times its body length in one second at a speed of 96 km/h, while Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt covers six times his body length in one second at a speed of 37 km/h.

Therefore, it seems that the cheetah is only the second fastest animal on earth when considering the distance covered in one second in relation to its size.

What is the slowest animal?

If some animals are champions of speed, it is not for all! Given its name, you might think that the sloth is the slowest species in the world. We are not far from the truth, as this mammal only moves at a speed of 0.27 km/h. The same goes for the koala, which is known to be very sleepy (it sleeps an average of 20 hours a day). When awake, the small marsupial native to Australia must go in search of food… at his own pace. Thus, it moves at a speed of 3.2 km/h.

⋙ In Australia, koalas are officially considered “endangered”.

But there are still slower than these two mammals. Therefore, the ball moves only 0.5 mm per second. That’s less than 2 meters traveled in one hour (0.002 km/h)! A record that makes this gastropod without a shell the slowest animal in the world.

What is the strongest animal in the world?

Based on the mass/strength ratio, the strongest animal in the world would be an insect. This is a mole Archegozetes longisetosus. Measuring less than 1mm, it can lift a weight 1180 times its own weight!

It is closely followed by another insect, or rather a beetle. This is the cow dung beetle, its scientific name Ontophagous bodies. Widespread from Europe to China and North Africa, it has dimensions from five to ten millimeters. Small size, which does not prevent him from pulling a load up to 1141 of his body weight. This force would be equivalent to a 70 kilogram person being able to lift 80 tons

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