The incredible journey through Europe of an eagle found dead near Perpignan

Bonelli’s eagles live mainly in Southern Europe and North Africa. (©Adobe Stock Illustration/GOR)

He tells the story Ornithological group from Roussillon, this week. Sad story a Bonelli’s eagle suddenly losing life nearby Perpignan, in recent months, but from which we were able to observe the incredible travel by Europe, during its short existence.

Aud ringed eagle found dying near Perpignan

united Oh, in 2019 this is a female Bonelli’s eagle, a species found mostly around Mediterranean, was equipped with a tag to imitate him trips and know him activity.

Unfortunately, the latter has not given any news since the end of November, and the demarcation located in the department of Averon. “Then the GPS started and transmitted the final location February 22at Corbert-le-Cabin. But the temperature data intrigued the association team sarsaparilla, responsible for monitoring this individual,” explains the Ornithological Group of Roussillon (GOR) on its social networks.

He traveled thousands of kilometers until he lost his life in his native land

Unfortunately, February 28a member of the association went to the site and discovered bird carcass at the foot of a electric pylon. According to the data of the accelerometer, his death dates back to December, explains GOR. The animal’s death was probably caused by fault collision and/or a electric shock with this medium voltage line.

Roussillon’s ornithological group was able to consult with map with his movements from the beginning of it wild life In almost three years, this young female has achieved success ” with extraordinary journeys, crossing Europe many times. A bird of prey especially visited Belgium, to Netherlands, in Germany or even at Denmark (see the map below), lands that this species is not used to visiting often.

From Denmark to the borders of Mauritania

This Bonelli eagle also traveled France, from north to south and from west to east, then, this time more often, flew Spain and Portugal, until Morocco and on the border Mauritania. In total, the latter covered thousands or even perhaps tens of thousands of kilometers before suddenly ending his life in Eastern Pyrenees, her homeland.

“It route is extraordinary for this species. And this is very strange, but it can be explained by the youth of this bird. We can compare it to a teenager, at this age, when they have not fixed the house, they are travelers, “he explains Yves Aleman, Head of the HOR, approx News of Perpignan.

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Movement map of Bonelli's eagle found dead in Corbert-le-Cabagne
Movement map of Bonelli’s eagle found dead in Corbert-le-Cabagne (© Ornithological Group of Roussillon)

The latter also reminds us that Bonelli’s eagle is a vulnerable species. Alone 40 pairs listed in France, including one in the Eastern Pyrenees. GOR indicates that services from ENEDIS it will be proposed that this line located in Corbère-les-Cabanes be equipped devices of ornitofauna to limit the risk of collisions and electrocution with birds.

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