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Louis Garrel

The main thing

A gem of playfulness, sophistication and class. Louis Harrell tries his hand at a heist comedy and signs his best film to date

Inspired by his mother Brigitte C, who during the theater lessons she taught in prison fell under the spell of a prisoner who became his companion, Louis Harrel here creates a diabolically strange story where the son (Harrel himself) of this unruly mother (Anouk Greenberg) fears for her safety and begins secretly spying on her best friend (Noemi Merlant) – and inevitably awkwardly – ​​on this little thug she swears she hung up on (Roshdy Zem). Not suspecting that this meeting with the new father-in-law will fundamentally change his life. Innocent it is an irresistible film of playfulness, intelligence and class, where, although nothing is likely, you want to believe everything. With a virtuosic script (mixing comedy, romance and a heist movie), lively production, a stunning cast and a soundtrack that celebrates diversity as the ultimate art. Sometimes it’s really good to laugh!

Thierry Chezet

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HARKIS ★★★★☆

Philippe Faucon

It is always difficult to tackle a subject that is still as brutal as the war in Algeria. But doesn’t this theme come up in almost all the films of Philippe Faucon, the director of secret battles that constantly recreate memories and personalities, who has already encountered this theme High treason in 2006. That’s when Harkis begins, four years into the war, and Faucon creates a larger grand narrative within an ellipsis, compressing a long time into an ultra-short format for a striking result. With his pedagogy, but above all with his anger, which enlivens everything that happens on the screen. Colonial forces and the Harkis betrayed by them, as if Faucon managed to direct and compress the venerable force native Bushareb, depriving him of the means of a military film. Great work.

Sylvester Picard


Author: Maksym Nakonechnyi

Ukrainian film about the war in Donbas and its collateral damage… vision of a butterfly apparently not seen during its Cannes presentation. And the fact that it is not on the list of the Un Certain Regard award makes Maksym Nakonechnyi wary, because Maksym Nakonechnyi signs a work that is as wonderful both in content and in form. We follow a Ukrainian soldier (Rita Burkovska, exceptional), an aerial reconnaissance specialist, who has returned, pregnant, with her family after months of imprisonment in Donbas, where she was raped by Russian soldiers. vision of a butterfly tells the difficult reconstruction of this resilient woman who refuses to be a victim while everyone around her, starting with her angry companion who wants to leave his child, seems to know better than her what to do, and he teaches it. This portrait of a woman who is regularly haunted by terrifying visions of the tragedy she has lived through – presented as false images, deliberately contrasted with the naturalistic atmosphere of the story – is seductive in its complexity, its desire to never seek to justify its behavior or its sometimes destabilizing solutions. We spend these 107 minutes like snorkeling in an atmosphere of suffocating tension. A powerful gesture.

Thierry Chezet



Ludovic Colbo Justin and Malik Bentala

On the scale of French adventure comedy, this instance is equidistant from The dead from Turtle Island Jacque Rosier and Cannonball. Let’s go to the initial postulate, according to which the anti-hero in the service (Malik Bentalha) must necessarily be a potential cow who cannot move a finger, except at the beckoning of the leg of a pretty young woman (Josephine Japi). So Jack Minoon is a fake extreme adventurer who falsifies his reports. Soon he finds himself, almost in spite of himself, on a dangerous island in search of pirate treasures. Poor Indiana Jones will be able to count on his young assistant, an orphan from an idealized father, and two clumsy henchmen who alone are worth the trip: Jerome Commander and Francois Damien, who have extraordinary comic effectiveness. Jack Mimun provides a complete change of scenery without excessive gloss and overall dynamics without downtime. A fine team offers, after all, a possible sequel. Of course we don’t say no.

Thomas Bauras

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Benjamin Massoubre and Amandine Fredon

Over 200 stories in eight collections between 1958 and 1965, three feature films, an animated series… You’d think that Le Petit Nicolas, with nothing more to tell us on the intervening screen… Until this first film, animated by Amandine Fredon and Benjamin Massoubre, recognized at Cannes and then at Annecy. New story of little Nicholas? Yes and no. More precisely, the story of its creation and life, secrets, childhood traumas of its creators, the majestic duo René Gossini-Jean-Jacques Sempet through a dialogue with their young hero, all this is interspersed with several of his stories. Alain Chaba and Laurent Laffite voice Gosini and Sempe in a composition full of grace, where they fade behind their characters and a story that never obscures nostalgia in formaldehyde. Little Nicholas… Of course, there are tears in your eyes, and even more so because of Sempe’s recent disappearance, but the film also sparkles with their complicity and this joie de vivre that united its creators.

Thierry Chezé

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By Rob Minkoff, Mark Kotsier, and Chris Bailey

This is the story of a playful dog with a seemingly impossible dream: to become a samurai in a world where this privilege is reserved only for cats! But above all, it’s the return to writing of 96-year-old Mel Brooks, who unleashes all of his prodigious genius in this revised, revised, and animated version The sheriff is in jail (nod to his iconic fart scene included). In this permanent firework of valves, not all of them hit the bull’s eye, but they carry a story that is very far from a good movie for children and adults, and even more so connoisseurs of Brooks’ work, will get great pleasure from watching this dog. cats of war (a parable about racism) set against the background of combat. We do not reach the garbage causticity of the unsurpassed Sausage party but the whole subtext of dialogues and situations often converges.

Thierry Chezé

AND I ★★★☆☆

Simon Coulibaly Gillard

The sea is advancing and gradually engulfing a village on a peninsula in Côte d’Ivoire. What to do before this water, which once brought wealth to the population and suddenly captures everything? Aya, a rebellious teenager, decides to stay. The production captures his outer and inner world with power and sensuality. A documentary dimension, it acts both as an additional soul and as a call to order: what plays out there has nothing to do with the director’s fantasy.

Thomas Bauras

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Agnes and Xabi Molia

The bias is simple and intriguing: Filming a small class of dropouts for a year, who are caught before they fall, is fatal? – a new kind of school, called Starter. A unique concept in France, located in Grenoble, with a very “ startup nation ». Fifteen teenagers in the third grade try to hang a wagon accompanied by a superhero teacher, Pascal is the older brother soft version Seeing students speak up, regret a few missteps, listen, stand up, grow up and trace their own path is moving, even refreshing. Sometimes we follow them in the classroom, sometimes with their parents, the principal or the internship supervisor, often in close-up, on the edge. The scenes are diverse, so are the characters. Maybe a little too much. And we sometimes get lost in this gallery of portraits, beautiful but a little evasive.

Estelle Auben

AZORE ★★☆☆☆

Andreas Fontana

This first film follows a Genevan banker who, after the mysterious disappearance of his partner, travels to Argentina in the midst of a dictatorship to replace him with his contacts. The film maintains an obsession with the mystery that binds its characters, but if we allow ourselves to be carried away by its intriguing and muted atmosphere, it gradually becomes damaged by an ill-conceived cleverness and a sense of artificiality that makes its last line disappointing.

Thierry Chezé


Claire Doyon

“My daughter Penelope has become my mission,” mutters the mother, in the middle of this dock. Four words, one life. Even two lives, a mother and her little girl. A mother who talks about her young autistic child’s childhood and her struggle to ” recover from this terrible disease “. From the shock of the diagnosis, to inappropriate medical prescriptions, through doubts, anxieties, wild dreams of the mother. The film is sometimes epic, but of course sentimental.

Estelle Auben



Olivier Daan

Incendiary, immodest and rude production, excessive valorization of the main character… Dakhan has always been associated with wild success Child seems to have become an ideal customer for wearing hagiographic meringues to order. It seems that the idea of ​​this ” Simon Elsa Silberstein whispered to him, probably feeling the wind of the Caesars swirling around the corpses revived in this way. After Grace of Monacoso that’s it The trip of the century which spreads everywhere and which, wanting to show everything (even the horror of the concentration camps!), shows nothing but the mask of a woman with an exceptional and thwarted destiny. Simone Weil deserves to be seen on the scale: complex and elusive. Let’s go further.

Thomas Bauras

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