The Lion King, Aladdin … 10 secrets about Disney’s favorite songs

What would be a great Disney classic without their much-needed songs? Nothing. Today, Serieously plays little mice and slips behind the well-kept secrets of these hits, which the world sings out loud.

№1- Hakuna Matata almost never saw the world in the cult Disney

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There are a lot of classic songs at Disney. However, some of them have almost never seen a light like this hit Hakuna Matata. Becoming a real mantra and philosophy of life, an integral song King Leo but almost never existed. First there was another song about the famous insects and the aftershock scene “A little sticky but appetizing” : “We couldn’t convince everyone that the whole song about eating beetles was a good idea”would trust Rob Minkoff, the director of the feature film, according to several media outlets. The team returned from a research trip to Africa with the phrase “Hakuna Matata”. and then the magic worked!

№2- lilo and drain contains more Elvis Presley songs than his own films


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According to, a feature film lilo and drain contains many more original Elvis Presley songs than the musician’s and actor’s own films. I must say that this cute duo is a complete fan of the King! The film contains almost 5 songs that he originally sang, and several covers.

№ 3- Musha had to have his own song Mulan

Mushu Mulan

© Disney

Several musical essays have been written for Musha, a somewhat egocentric and temperamental dragon. Mulan. “Two songs carved, both from Musha”said Matt Wilder, a songwriter who worked on the feature film.

And for good reason: “two or three points not used” in the final version, he trusted the microphone of the Bancroft Brothers podcast, according to Radio Times. “It was a very jazz base, but Eddie Murphy [qui a offert à Mushu sa voix en version originale, NDLR] did not want, did not want to sing! »; added Matt Wilder. What an annoyance!

# 4- Inspiration for reggae The Little Mermaid

Mermaid Disney

© Disney

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Alan Menken, a favorite Disney composer, revealed a little big secret about Mermaid: reggae was originally a source of inspiration. “We knew the idea was to go to the Caribbean, so we launched the idea of ​​leaving reggae.”he trusted. “Finally we chose calypso [un genre de musique afro-caribéen, NDLDR] because it was more pop and more interesting. Sebastian is more of a Trinidadian crab than a Jamaican crab. Said Menken.

№ 5- Cult song Peter Pan was written not for this Disney …

Peter Pan

© Disney

But rather for Alice In Wonderland !! This is a song The second is small a star that was originally written for a fairy tale carried by the young and dreamy Alice.

№ 6 – The Beatles could play a role in Disney



According to our colleagues from Télé Loisirs, there are four vultures jungle book were to be embodied by the four Beatles. That was before John Lennon vetoed it and refused to play the game. It is likely that Disney would still like to preserve the appearance of these birds, who were inspired by the Great Four!

№ 7- Song about Moana it’s a tribute to David Bowie



Oh yeah ! This is a song bling bling, written by Lynn-Manuel Miranda. The famous composer told People: ” The world mourned Bowie, and I listened to him repeat. I said, “Okay, I’m writing a glam rock song for this crab, this jewel-encrusted crab!” ». If you hear a little Bowie in Bling Bling, that’s fine!

№ 8- The secret of creation We will not talk about Bruno in Encanto

Mirabelle and Bruno Encanto

© Disney

We will not talk about Brunoheard in Encanto, broke all records. Also invented by the fertile brain of Lynn-Manuel Miranda, the song also required certain feats from the composer … Such as selling it to his team through a demo in which he sang at least 10 different voices, as in Screenrant reports. Impressive, right?

№ 9- This is a blue dream withAladdin replaced the ultra-popular singer in the Billboard Top 100

Disney Aladdin


The success of this anthem This is a blue dream was so great that at the time it supplanted Whitney Houston and her incredible I will always love you at the Billboard Hot 100 in March 1993.

№ 10- The true meaning of lyrics circle of life in The Lion King


© Disney

More mythical than Zulu lyrics in the beginning circle of life, we do with difficulty. However, we are not going to lie to each other … Few of us really know what it would be “The king is coming, father! Yes, he is king !! South African singer Lebo M. is said to have sung the song after reading the script for the film. King Leo.

As Hans Zimmer points out for Classic FM media: “It was unusual for an African voice to suddenly appear to start a song”it certainly did all the charm and power of a song known as a Disney classic.

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