The series “Sorvigolova” will be prepared at Disney +

After several months of rumors, new daredevil It is reported that the series is being developed at Disney +. Variety reports that the streamer will move forward with the new one daredevil a show with Matt Corman and Chris Ord, who are writing and executive producers. The publication notes that Marvel has not officially confirmed the series, and representatives of Corman and Orda declined to comment on the news.

No details about the new one daredevil the series was mentioned in the report, but it is likely that it will feature some of the same characters that fans met in the original daredevil which ran three seasons on Netflix. Since then, the rights have returned to Marvel and Disney, which has allowed them to move forward with these characters. Perhaps the excitement that was clear to fans when Charlie Cox appeared Spider-Man: Don’t go home helped convince Mouse House to finally spin these gears.

Corman and Horde are best known for co-creating the TV series Secret caseswhich was broadcast on the USA Network from 2010 to 2014. Among their other works is the series NBC The enemy inside and Bold from the CW show Containment.

Marvel’s Daredevil characters have already returned to the MCU

This news will be exciting for many Marvel fans, but it may not be so shocking. Marvel and Disney are even more teased to come with daredevil characters from the Marvel cinematic universe after they officially moved on. Rumor has it that Charlie Cox will reprise the role Spider-Man: Don’t go homeand fans were thrilled to see that it turned out to be true when he made a special appearance, interacting with Peter Parker Tom Holland in a very memorable scene.

in daredevil the characters also came out on a small Disney + screen. This includes, in particular, Vincent D’Onofrio, who appears in the series Hawk’s eye where he was left with an ambiguous fate. Fans probably know that it is better not to believe that the character really left, and there is a high probability that he is involved in the report. daredevil reload for disney +. D’Onofrio was very open about his desire to do more with this famous role.

“I hope he’s not dead,” the Deadline actor said in December. “I’m with the fans, I want to continue to play this role. I hope we will continue. I did not know daredevil when it’s over, I thought it would last a few more years. There was a lot to explore, a lot of facets of my character.

Discussing the return of his character to the MCU, D’Onofrio added: “The people I play are based on real emotions and real life, and I try to move events from their past to the present. Kingpin is like that Hawk’s eye. He has much more physical strength and he can withstand physical violence, but it is based on this emotional world. And he does everything through this emotional world: both as a child and as a monster. Everything he does is based on the events of his childhood.

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