The trailer for Love and Thunder hints at the fate of Jane from the dark world

Trailer for Thor: Love and thunder here, and as Chris Hemsworth promised, it’s impressive. As expected, the most interesting moments of the trailer were Christian Bale’s film Horr-Butcher-God and the new character Jane Foster in the role of the Mighty Thor. Returning to her role in almost a decade, Natalie Portman will be not only a scientist, but also a superhero who fights villains with his former love.

But we know nothing about her since her last appearance Thor: The dark world. The only reference to his character Thor: Ragnarek talked about her breakup with Thor, which seemed like a well-known thing. In addition, there was Natalie Portman Avengers: Final through archival footage. However, the trailer for Thor: Love and thunder probably barely hinted at the story of his character since his previous appearance.

In the trailer, Thor is surprised to see Jane, who has her own hammer and strength. During their awkward but romantic reunion, Jane says it must have been three or four years since she saw him. Thor corrects her by saying that more than eight years have passed.

Jane: How did it go? three, [or] four years?

Thor: Eight years, seven months and six days. Give or take.

Because she has no recollection of her divorce from Thor, Jane also appears to have been removed after Thanos photographed and finished half the universe. On the other hand, Thor remembers a time when he probably struggled with his loss, when he struggled with his loss as Thanos. Infinity War. The Thanos photo killed several MCU figures. Its effects were too severe because it was studied in Wanda Vision, Falcon and winter soldierand Hawk’s eye. And Jane was probably among those who lost consciousness in the battle that the Avengers lost.

Jane is undergoing major changes

Thor: Love and thunder the film put the arch of Jane in a completely different way. In the film, Jane will fight cancer before taking on the role of the Mighty Thor. The trailer also suggests that Thor’s relationship with Jane may have some priority in history, even if they do not turn into a full-fledged novel. Thor is clearly surprised and flattered to see Jane, and the moments they share and the conversations they engage in evoke memories of their love.

Jane Foster and Thor fell in love in the first episode, where he could not return to her because he had to destroy Bifrost to prevent Loki from destroying other kingdoms. Then he returned to her Thor: The dark world after contact with Ether, where he takes her to Asgard to save her life. However, his work as an Avenger and then his sudden departure from Earth led to their rupture. After Thanos ended half his life, Thor went through years of depressed life, losing his sanity and even the will and hope to live on.

in Thor: Love and thunder, the eponymous god of thunder will transform and find his old love to face a new adversary. It would be nice to see if the film will be more of Jane’s personal life, as she completes her character’s arch by becoming a Mighty Thor. When Thor, Valkyrie and Jane form a trio against Horr, Thor: Love and thunder will go to mass confrontation.

Thor: Love and thunder will be released on July 8, 2022.

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