The unofficial sketch of the family guy from Fortnite caused a stir among greedy fans

Epic Games has often embraced the idea of ​​introducing whimsical character skins to Fortnite. Free game, Fortnite has managed to attract a huge base of players with its fun mechanics, exciting cosmetics, events and crossovers.


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From Rick and Morty to Darth Vader, Epic Games has always managed to amaze fans with its seductive crossovers. Given the history of Fortnite, the hugely popular Peter Griffin should not be an impossible event in the game.


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Most fans know Peter Griffin as the protagonist of the hugely popular adult cartoon series “Family Boy”. His wife, Lois Griffin, and children, Stewie, Meg and Chris Griffin, also play significant lead roles in the sitcom. In addition, Peter is also home to Brian’s clever dog.

In fact, Fortnite has a long-standing informal relationship with Family Guy, which began in 2021. Epic Games has decided to troll Fortnite data miners by adding a gif-related gif to the game files. As expected, the data diggers fell into the trap. and the motive of the company was later detected informant.

Peter Griffin still has a chance at Fortnite: Top5Gaming

Popular Fortnite content creator and theorist named Top5Gaming still believes that the popular Family Guy character may appear in the game in the future. In a tweet, he wrote about Peter Griffin’s chances at Fortnite, posting a thumbnail showing Peter Griffin as a Fortnite skin.

Not only Peter, but the sticker also contained a Petercopter glider, Stewie Back glitter and other fun things. Many fans even thought that the miniature was a real picture of the game.

Fans with eagle eyes understood the appearance of Darth Vader in the third season of Chapter 3 from a file they noticed during the demonstration of Unreal Engine 5 from Fortnite. It turned out that the fan also noticed a folder called “Family Guy”. This has led to many speculations about a potential Family Guy crossover in season 3. However, we have not seen this yet.

A recent Top5Gaming video also features images of what Peter Griffin’s skin in Fortnite might look like. However, it does not look like the famous series will appear in Fortnite any time soon.

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Most of us are happy to theorize what Peter Griffin’s skin might look like!

Some fans, on the other hand, are concerned that Peter Griffin was too “bulky” to be a skinny Fortnite character.

Some even think that Epic Games may have removed it, realizing that it was too big.


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There were also genuine concerns that Peter Griffin was an “adult” character in the game for everyone.


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