The war in Ukraine: what would have happened if Vladimir Putin could no longer rule?

The war in Ukraine, the Russian government, the new president … The consequences of Vladimir Putin’s inability to rule could be significant. At a time when his health is causing a lot of reactions in the press, what would happen if the Kremlin leader stopped ruling Russia?

For months, rumors of Vladimir Putin’s health have been circulating in the press or on social media. Cancer of the blood, intestines, thyroid gland, Parkinson’s disease … At the age of 69 and given the geopolitical context in Ukraine, all eyes are on the health of the Kremlin leader. What would be the future of Russia, the war in Ukraine, the Russian government and the people of the country if the indestructible President Putin became unfit to rule?

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Mishustin and Patrushev succeed?

On the one hand, Mikhail Mishustin, President of the Government of the Russian Federation. On the other hand, Nikolai Patrushev, known as the “Kremlin hawk”, is secretary of Russia’s Security Council. The two could take turns succeeding the Kremlin master. Why? Because it is provided by the Constitution of the Russian Federation: according to Article 92 of the latter “in all cases where the President of the Russian Federation can not perform his duties, the President of the Government of the Russian Federation performs temporarily.” Today it is Mykhailo Mishustyn.

Let’s start with the fact that Russia already has a Constitution. And in accordance with Article 92 of the Constitution, in the event of a temporary obstacle to the President (also in wartime), its temporary implementation is ensured by the Prime Minister: Aug. Mykhailo Mishustyn. 2 / 9https: //

– Anna Colin Lebedev (@colinlebedev) May 29, 2022

And what about Mykola Patrushev? The Kremlin hawk will not be named directly by the Russian president if Vladimir Putin is unfit. Far from there. Patrushev is simply considered a successor if Russia holds presidential elections. The latter must also take place within three months of the President’s constant interference. Three months during which Mishustin will be queen of the nation.

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Well, almost … because the constitution does not give the powers of acting President: “Acting President of the Russian Federation has no right to dissolve the State Duma, decide on a referendum or propose changes and amendments. provisions of the Constitution of the Russian Federation “, specifies Article 92 of the Constitution.

The end of the war in Ukraine?

In the three months that Russia will be ruled by Mikhail Mishustin, it is difficult to say whether it will change. Again, he will not have full powers and will therefore not be the only one to decide on this issue. On the other hand, what could Mykola Patrushev do with Ukraine if he were elected? Let’s look at his statements: “The result of the policy of the West and the Kyiv regime can only be the disintegration of Ukraine into several states,” the executive director said in an interview.

Unfortunately for Kyiv, the Kremlin hawk seems to be joining Vladimir Putin’s way of thinking and acting. Also during the interview, he accused America and Europe of supporting neo-Nazi ideology in Ukraine, not forgetting to remind that the latter and Russia are one people.

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Julien Grand, Deputy Editor Swiss military reviewfor his part explained to the publication Watson that it is unlikely that the war will end if the Kremlin leader disappears: “If Putin dies tomorrow, there is little chance that the war will die with him. He can count on an environment, at least a military one, that believes in his policies. And his successor will probably be of the same caliber or worse. “

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