The West supplies weapons for Ukraine’s “victory”, the struggle for parliamentary elections, the green light for the M6-TF1 merger project … This Tuesday’s news

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Washington is uniting its allies to arm Ukraine. The United States is ready “Move heaven and earth” to defeat Ukraine in Russia, the Pentagon chief said Tuesday during a meeting with his allied counterparts in Germany. Reluctant to supply offensive weapons to Ukraine, the United States, like Britain, France and the Czech Republic, has taken a step forward. According to a government source, even Germany has so far been reluctant to announce the supply of Cheetah tanks specializing in air defense. In parallel, the United Nations General Assembly adopted by consensus a resolution obliging the five permanent members of the Security Council to justify their veto. A rare reform, met with applause and revived by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Follow our live broadcast.

Legislative: Jado stands for the “coalition”, but does not stand behind Melanchon, Le Pen and Zemmur in a quarrel, LR fights with Macron’s siphon « Former presidential environmental candidate Yannick Zhado, who will not run in the parliamentary elections himself, said on Tuesday that he was in favor of “Coalition” of “all forces on the left” in the parliamentary elections, but he believes that according to Insoumis Jean-Luc Melanchon, “it won’t work”, in contrast to other indicators of EELV. Weakened by their crushing defeat in the presidential election, Les Républicains reaffirmed its “independence” facing macro, even if some elected officials, concerned about their survival, beg for cooperation, and the political future of Eric Zemmour and his Reconquest movement! opposes the refusal of her rival Marine Le Pen to form an alliance.

Chips, margarine: manufacturers are authorized to replace sunflower oil. The state authorizes producers of margarine, chips, sauces, cookies or dishes under sauce for no more than six months to replace sunflower oil in their recipes, without changing their packaging, due to difficulties in supplying due to the war in Ukraine. Industrialists who submit this request for a waiver will be able to use, for example, rapeseed oil, in detail Bercy, after consultation with industrialists and consumer associations. More information here.

Green light for the M6-TF1 merger project during the General Assembly. With more than 99% of the vote, M6 shareholders on Tuesday largely approved a plan to merge the broadcaster with its rival TF1, which, if granted, would lead to the creation of a French audiovisual and advertising giant. . They confirmed the change in the statute, which paves the way for this merger, announced in May 2021 and to be completed in early 2023 with the consent of Arcom (ex-CSA) and the Authorité de la Concurrence. The merger of TF1, owned by Bouygues, and M6 (sold by Germany’s Bertelsmann, a shareholder in RTL Group), will create a French giant in the market for audiovisual rights, channel distribution and television advertising, with about 75% stake. French turnover in the latter sector.

Operation transparency for the Spanish monarchy. This is a step forward “Very important in modernization, in the exemplary nature of the royal palace” : King Felip VI of Spain and the left-wing government of Spain launch an operation “transparency” for the royal palace, aimed at restoring the image of the monarchy, tainted by former sovereign Juan Carlos. Specifically, the royal palace will now have to check its accounts in the Accounting Chamber, publish contracts, budget or even make a description of the gifts received by the royal family. Ascending the throne in 2014 after the abdication of his father Juan Carlos amid scandals, Felipe VI promised “repair”monarchy and accept “Lead honesty, integrity and transparency”.

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Elon Musk’s fascination with Twitter: an extraordinary raid by the super-rich. Despite the general skepticism, the boss of Tesla and SpaceX managed to mount a proposal of 44 billion dollars in three weeks, which was accepted by the administrators of the social network. To do this, he used a loan from Morgan Stanley Bank in the amount of 21 billion dollars. Our story.

Crazy “arrests” of the Kremlin. The Kremlin claims to have thwarted a pro-Ukrainian terrorist plot to assassinate Russian propagandists. But the translation of the images of the intervention shows an operation that is very similar to a rough and unsuccessful staging. From our correspondent in Moscow.

How did Ifop select respondents for its poll on religious denominations? The poll institute on Monday published a study commissioned by the newspapers “la Croix” and “le Pèlerin” on the voting of voters according to their confession. Respondents independently stated which religion they identified with. The answer is here.

Melissa Lucio’s case: “There will be before and after” the death penalty in Texas. Director Sabrina Van Tassel is delighted with the cancellation of the execution of Melissa Lucio, to whom she dedicated the documentary, and considers it a turning point in the history of the fight against the death penalty in Texas. Our interview.

“We own this city” by David Simon, Baltimore at heart. Twenty years after the first episode of “The Wire”, David Simon and George Pelekanos return to OCS in the big city of Maryland, gripped by drugs and institutional racism, to track the case of Wayne Jenkins, a symptom of US police. redundancy. Read our review.

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