There is a need to respond to the increase in disinfection requests at L’Aigle

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Constant struggle. The recent establishment of a pest control company in Eagle (Orn) highlights the untimely nature of these organisms that infect private or public places. There are companies that disinsect and kill rats. GB Nuisibles is one of them.

Monday, February 28, Guillaume Bibre launched its GB Nuisibles business in L’Aigle. “I found that there were few providers of this service. With the development of colonies of Asian bees and in particular hornets, there may be a need, “he admits. Fascinated by beekeeping and nature, Guillaume Bibre seeks to make the most of “smart treatments, insecticides of natural origin” to poison pests.

Poison pests

His company has just started, he has already received “two or three calls”, he admits. Guillaume Bibre offers its services to individuals, professionals, government agencies and joint ventures. On this occasion, he will soon have a meeting with Community of communes of Pays de l’Egl and the town hall.

Bernard Dorchis, director of Normandie Dératisation, a competitor of GB Nuisibles, does not feel the need for a new pest management company in its sector. For its services to individuals and communities, Normandie Dératisation has “approved equipment. When there are rodents, we put boxes with baits, ”he explains. Bernard Dorchis’s company carries out “two or three interventions a year” in accordance with the requests of L’Egl’s town hall.

The city calls on Normandie Dératisation to destroy pests such as rats. “When the water level in the river rises, especially in autumn, the houses are inhabited by rats,” said Didier Cousin, L’Aigle’s deputy habitat manager. The latter takes the opportunity to warn residents about the reproduction of rats.

The difficulty is that the ducks are fed by fellow citizens. I appeal to the population not to feed wild ducks.

Didier CousinEnvironmental Assistant

I must say that rats for ducks are predators.

The elected official in charge of living in L’Aigle also mentions that people complain about pigeons sitting on rooftops and dirtying establishments. “In the church of Saint Martin, there is manure that is removed by city services,” says Didier Cousin. There is no miracle solution to scare away pigeons, even if predators scare them. Pigeons can limit their reproduction. However, it takes years for these birds to become a habit, as babies must be born inside enclosures to be sterilized. The candidate announces that “next year the town hall plans to experiment with pigeon loving, but we have no illusions. It’s a track, but budgets are important.

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Periodic interventions

The city of L’Egl has also been affected by Asian hornets. The city signs an agreement with the Orna Sanitary Defense Group (GDS), which intervenes on a case-by-case basis. For their part, “firefighters are removing the nests of Asian hornets,” said Didier Cousin. Part of the operation is paid for by the GDS, and the other is financed by the town hall. Note that crows are found in the forests of Madeleine and can be aggressive. These birds open plastic bins and their chirping prevents fellow citizens from sleeping.

The elected official in charge of the habitat in L’Aigle says that “once a year the city organizes an administrative search to collect a certain number of crows and reduce the population in agreement with the prefecture. »

Pests can contaminate substandard housing owned by social landlords. Orne Habitat’s communications department reports that the agency, located in L’Aigle, receives “complaints from tenants in the marginal area. In its approach, Orne Habitat announces a tender and then selects one of the pest control companies to conduct the event. Another story in Logis Familial.

There are more and more requests for disinsection. Much of it concerns cockroaches, where we make several passes in public places, because they reproduce very quickly.

Laurent Dubois, agency manager

Rats squat in the sewer. In good weather, Asian hornets have been appearing regularly “for the past ten years,” says Laurent Dubois. Logis Familial works with outfits and works with two companies to get rid of pests.

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