these 10 actors who refused to join the MCU

With great force comes great responsibility, these actors refused Marvel to join the MCU.

These are the stars who said no to Marvel

In the Marvel family, I would like… actors who have given up the role in MCU. With over 80 years of history, comicsTV series and movies, Marvel now has a largefinally, rather a huge family. Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson… These stars brilliantly took the costumes of superheroes or supervillains. But “With great force comes great responsibility” and actors must respect very strict rules. A sacrifice that some are not ready to make.

1. Timothy Shalame

Carway Tan / Sony Pictures Releasing GmbH

Young rising movie star and headliner Dunes, Timothy Shalame has already publicly stated that he does not want to play a superhero in the movies. Will on list of potential actors from Spider-Manwith Tom Hollandopened the actor in an interview with Timefriend – whose identity he does not report – I would advise him to avoid the following roles:

“One of my heroes – I can’t say who or he would kick my ass – hugged me on the first night of our meeting and gave some advice. No hard drugs – and no superhero movies. “

2. Matt Damon

Elizabeth A. Villa / Netflix

Daredevil Released in 2003, it is undoubtedly one of the MCU films we would like to forget one of the worst ratings of the audience. Matt Murdoch, same Daredevil, then played by Ben Affleck, could not convince fans so much that the actor for a while no longer wanted to dress in a superhero costume. It was only 13 years later that Ben Affleck returned, but this time … to the DC family as Batman. An injury that was well taken care of to avoid Matt Damon who was also Matt Murdoch.

3. Olivia Wilde

Steve Granitz / Marvel Studios

The “the most dangerous woman in the galaxy” or Gamoru plays Zoe Saldana, and although she’s perfect for the role, the first name on the list was Olivia Wilde. Officially, the latter would relinquish the role due to limited time. But for several years, it seems that the actress is collaborating with Sony and Marvel about the creation of a spider woman, according to Deadline.

4. Emily Blunt

Pacific Press / Marvel Studios

Can we imagine anyone but Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow? Today, maybe not, but before the famous SHIELD agent joins the MCU, Emily Blunt’s name remained with Marvel. Thanks to the shooting of Gulliver’s Travels, Princess Maria’s translator rejected the offer. When we see the commercial failure of the latter, it was ultimately not the best choice for the actress.

5. Brian Cranston

Bruce Glicas / Marvel Studios

We like Brian Cranston as Walter White in Bad.. The actor’s performance will long be considered one of the best in the series for fans. We would be very interested to see how he plays the role of supervillain Sebastian Shaw X-Men: First Class. Brian Cranston had to turn down an offer to star Bring. finally,The role was given to Kevin Bacon.

6. Jason Momoa

David Livingston / Marvel Studios

Jason Momoa was chosen by Marvel for the role of Drax in The Guardians of the Galaxy. With his imposing physique, the actor could well integrate the MCU. But … to the great chagrin of Marvel fans, Jason chose DC embody AquamanKing of Atlantis.

7. Joaquin Phoenix

Tony Ann Barson / Marvel Studios

The best actor of 2020 due to his role Joker, Joaquin Phoenix has always turned down offers from Marvel. He first took on the role of Bruce Benner, and more recently – Dr. Strange, now played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

8. Leonardo DiCaprio

Taylor Hill / Marvel Studios

When you see Leonardo DiCaprio on a poster, it is often a good sign and Marvel obviously wanted to offer him a choice in the MCU. James Cameron turned to the multiple Oscar-winning actor when he was filming Spider-Man. However, Leonardo DiCaprio declined the offer, saying so the superhero costume didn’t suit him.

9. Jessica Chastain

Kevin Mazur / Marvel Studios

Interpreter Murphy Cooper in the hit movie Interstellar relinquished the role of Maya Hansen, a supporting roleIron Man. According to her, this secondary role would be “boring” and she prefers to miss her turn. But his relationship with Marvel is not completely broken, as he reunites with her as a member of the cast. X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

10. Jensen Eccles

Kevin Mazur / Marvel Studios

I tried for the role for the first time Captain Americathe actor was not ultimately chosen, however his speech did not go unnoticed. After a while, Marvel returns to the charge and offers it to him the role of the Falcon’s Eye (falcon’s eye), but Jensen just got the part Dean Winchester in the hit series Supernatural. After hesitation, Jensen Eccles finally chose supernatural.

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