this comic about Darth Vader, which works better than the Star Wars series.

For those who are disappointedObi-Wan Kenobi and his restrained Darth Vader, we released a comic that shows the stage potential that the character offers.

Disney + is in no hurry with this Obi-Wan Kenobi, and our review of the fifth episode goes in this direction. Resting on rematch between Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) and Darth Vader (Hayden Christensen), the series says nothing more, and Deborah Chow is even less able to offer an awareness that honors the Dark Lord of the Sith. So we took the comics off the shelf Star Wars: Vader Down which depicts the greatest villain of cinema as we would like to see it more often.

In 2015, comics star Wars are in Marvel, which will usher in a new era of the saga of George Lucas. Thus, the crossover combines the series star Warsstarring: the team of the “Millennium Falcon” and the series Darth Vader starts. Author: Jason Aaron screenwriter for Marvel Super T-Rex and Prehistoric Avengers and illustrated by Salvador Larroca, Star Wars: Vader Down this is the first issue of six that tell hunting for Vader by the rebel army. And fear on the side of the good guys.

WARNING! Spoilers up to 5 series Obi-Wan Kenobi.

“You’re not going through .. oh, a good movie.”

the fall of the dark lord

In the comics, Darth Vader pursues his son, who he knows is the destroyer of the Death Star. running takes place between New hope and The empire strikes back to your base on the planet Vrogas you. Except that when he arrives, he stumbles upon the X-Wings Squadron, just as surprised as he saw him there. This is followed by an air battle of about ten pages where The Sith Lord destroys fifteen rebel pilots on his own. To stop him, Luke Skywalker finds the only solution – to crash into his father’s ship to force him to land. A suffocating and cruel scene that marks the first half of the comics.

After the disaster, the Rebellion sends bombers to kill the dead Jedi, but Anakin Skywalker destroys them, forcing the rebels to send an army to do the job. Surrounded by hundreds of soldiers, Darth Vader teaches his best phrase: “I am surrounded only by fear and dead people“before detonating the explosive on the belts of those who keep it in sight. Survivors will be shaved with a lightsaber in the following Darth Vader № 13 from Chiron Gillan. All this Lord Vader does without a single scratch.

Star Wars: Comics“Put down your lamp!”

If the comics show the former Padawan Kenobi, the Disney + series about the Jedi Master tries to bring the villain out of the dark background, or offer him a really hot scene in his treatment. However, he strangles several villagers in Episode 3 with terrible determination, hurts Obi-Wan, turning him into fried marshmallows, dominates Reva without drawing a weapon and holds the ship with all his might before breaking it in episode 5. However, something is missing in Obi-Wan Kenobiand it’s not to make Vader a cool character, but know how to do it.

Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi: PhotoWhere is Vader?

dark fool

Of course, Vader Down to the advantage on paper, which allows you to do more greatness and madness, but the strength of the boards lies primarily in the setting of the action. So there are a lot of Jason Aaron and Salvador Larroca comics, both in composition and in cut (the equivalent of editing for comics), that we’d like to find in Deborah Chow’s implementation.

Darth Vader c Obi-Wan Kenobiabsorbed by the darkness of landscapes without light. We see the image of evil lurking in the shadows, or science fiction, but the cadre never manages to capture it, iconize it, and emphasize the violence it breeds. Conversely, in Aaron’s comics, a clipping of several squares illustrates the deadly speed by which the Dark Lord eliminates those who persecute him. Other boards allowed us to face the death left behind by Vader, as if to see what the speed of his attacks did not allow us to achieve.

Star Wars: PicturesIn space, no one hears their screams

Obi-Wan Kenobi turns his hero into a fleeing man, haunted by the shadow of the past, and his Padawan has become the greatest evil of the galaxy. The only time two former friends meet is Kenobi as a hidden spectator of a Darth Vader show or in a one-way duel on a dark dark night. These dim implementation sequences have a montage that conveys little of Vader’s aura or the severity of his blows. In addition, the Dark Lord acts mainly as a silhouette that appears at the end of the episode to remind you that he will soon have a big moment (which we are beginning to wait).

Vader Down also puts the heroes as helpless spectators about the massacre of the villain. Due to the sudden interruption of radio calls, the running of troops through the corridors before leaving for the front, explosions in the distance, indicating the worst, the voltage is electric and continuous. Khan, Luke and Leah know this Darth Vader doesn’t slip through their fingers, they cut them. Everything is done in an economical box that contains the basics for more spectacular images and more than a transparent message: Dark. Vader. is very dangerous.

Star Wars: ComicsThis is not a fireworks display

This cruel energy, emanating from Lord Vader, is beautifully written in Larroca’s boards. Until Deborah Chow stretches it for the whole season, forcing him to lose intensity when it doesn’t suppress all his strength. And yet the future of the village star Wars not based on comics, movie RogueOne proved that Darth Vader still has a place on the screenand the corridor carnage of the last chapter became one of the strongest scenes of the whole saga.

Maybe episode 6 will prove us wrong (what we want) and will be able to make the villain shine as it should. Hoping that the long-awaited and irritating fight will not pump up the frame from the video game star Wars.


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