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Meet Lyon’s last peasant

Progress photo/Antoine CILLYERS

Lyon 2022, all the farmers have disappeared from the municipal territory. everyone? No! On the Saint-Rambert plateau, Louis-Pierre Perrault is still and always resisting the concrete invader. He remains the last peasant of Lyon.

From an early age, this 60-year-old man with calloused hands worked tirelessly to grow his 600 vines of olives, tomatoes, eggplants and even a few vines. But now it’s time to sell and find a buyer. So as not to remain the last forever.

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Photos Progress

Ukrainian refugees were accepted in our departments for five months

Five months ago, Russia invaded its neighbor, causing in our departments a broad movement of solidarity in favor of Ukrainians who remained there or in exile.

Today, mobilization continues, but we face the challenge of holding on over time, despite the height of the conflict. Again in photos and videos about this historic moment.

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They created the first perfume for people without a sense of smell

Screenshot from video provided by Progrès by Emmanuel Dancourt

She does not smell; he creates perfumes: their meeting gave birth to the first perfume for anosmics. Emmanuelle Dancourt, born without an olfactory bulb, proposed this unique challenge to Hugo Charron, junior perfumer at the head of the French perfumery Mane, in New York after interviewing him in the summer of 2021 for his No Nose podcast.

Their challenge excited the World Congress of Perfumers. Thousands of copies of this niche perfume would later be produced, with a portion of the profits donated to anosmia research.

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Photos Progress

These species showing the tip of their snout in our departments

Disappeared from the Yura territory for thirty years, the otter returned. The discovery, made in recent months, is good news for the affected biodiversity.

And if for a species that reappears in our departments, ten others, unfortunately, tend to extinction, we wanted to be interested in these trees that hide the forest: the beaver, the lynx, the peregrine falcon… they live next to us again.

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Ampui and his Cote Roti are mentioned in the Breaking Bad series

Facebook photo/BetterCallSaulAMC

“Sometimes all you need is Cote Roti. You might not have believed it when you saw the mention of Ampui and its exclusive designation in the Hollywood series, but Better Call Saul did it.

In the final episode of this Breaking Bad spin-off/prequel, which airs in mid-July, Rona’s wine and scenery take center stage during a brief scene featuring, among other things, one of the best fictional villains of recent decades . A real little publicity stunt for the city.

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Le Progrès/MYM photo archive

People: Alexandra Lamy’s new ‘boyfriend’ from Niger

Alexandra Lamy has been single for several years after her divorce from Jean Dujardin in 2013. But the heart of the actress can no longer be conquered: the fifty-year-old girl, who is mentioned in the film “Boy, Girl”, found love with a Ligerian. .

The grandson of the famous ASSE recruiter, Pierre Garoner, originally from Ferce, launched MYM (Me You More) in Lyon in 2019, the first paid social network in France that allows fans to have privileged relationships with influencers, athletes or artists.

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This resident of Jura, fascinated by lightning, creates a museum dedicated to thunderstorms in Aina

Photo by Le Progrès/Roger RAY

“I have always been fascinated by lightning and thunderstorms. On the night of May 8, 1996, while I was on my bicycle, I took my first photograph of lightning near Chaussen. That’s when it clicked. »

Lightning hunter, Jura-based photographer Nicolas Gascard decided to make lightning speak… in Fort-l’Ecluse, on the border of Jura and Ahn, winner of the René-Damezon Literary Prize and Nature Awards Photography in 2017, he developed a unique museum where giant photographs, totems and visual and sound effects immerse you in the heart of the storm.

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Photo by Le Progrès/Lucas BESONNAT

Unusual: Buttocks in the air, they cycled from Lyon to Miribel-Jonage

About thirty cyclists rode, paraphernalia in the wind, last Sunday as part of the World Naked Bike Ride France. Leaving Villers-Bains around 2:30 p.m., they headed to La Mama, a naturist beach in the Grand Parc Miribel-Jonage (Ain), before returning to Lyon.

Organized from July 14 to August 4, between Rennes and Paris, in 16 stages, the Cyclone aims to protect the use of bicycles, their users and the planet.

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Jura: Saint-Claude diamond sold at auction for €36,000

Dessert Diamond (right). Photo progress

It was the star of the Saint-Désiré sale offered by the Lons-le-Saunier auction house every year: the 3.76-carat diamond sold to a foreign buyer for €36,000 (plus around €8,000 in taxes).

It was a family of diamond merchants from St. Claude who wanted to part with this precious stone as an inheritance. “A gentleman offered it to his wife, who had passed away,” explains Brigitte Fenault, the auctioneer.

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Photo by Le Progrès/Solen WACKENHEIM

Hemp concrete school: the first in the region in Vijerban

It doesn’t look like much from the outside. And yet the new building of the Saint-Exupéry Kindergarten in Villerban (Rhône) offers a real breath of fresh air. “During the heat of June we saw a real difference between the extension and the rest of the school: we had a difference of two or three degrees,” says a City spokesman.

It is the first ERP (open to the public) in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, built with a wooden frame filled with hemp concrete. A biological material obtained from a mixture of lime and hemp, which provides excellent thermoregulation.

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