Toothless, broken, Ari Boulogne, Alain Delon’s probable son, fights for the comedian to recognize him

Alain Delon, a proud father of three, never wanted to be the father of Ari Boulogne. Nevertheless, the latter hopes that one day the actor will recognize him as his legitimate son.

It goes without saying that this situation torments Ari Boulogne very much. For many years he has been asking for the love of the Cheetah, but in vain. However, although his alleged father continues to strongly reject him, he can still count on the support of Internet users who have been affected by his physical changes.


Ari Boulogne’s story is the story of a man who has experienced difficulties since childhood.

For information, Ari Peffgen, his real name, was born on August 11, 1962 in Neuilly-sur-Seine. At the time, he was raised exclusively by Nico’s mother, a member of Velvet Underground in New York.

Then, one day when he asked his mother who his father was, she revealed to him that it was the famous French actor Alain Delon.

Revealing the identity of his so-called father, Ari Boulogne also discovers that the actor has just given birth to another child. The latter is none other than Anthony Delon, born the love of an actor from Francine Canovas, better known as Natalie Delon.

Portrait of Nico. | Photo: Getty Images

And if Alain Delon played his role well with little Anthony, he did not, however, acknowledge the fact that Ari was his real son. Note that the star “Samurai” also refused to initiate the process of recognition of paternity.

For her part, Nico made a radical decision when she saw that her music career was beginning to succeed. In fact, the musician wrote a letter to Alain Delon’s mother, Edith Boulogne, in which he said that she was the grandmother of a little boy.

And unlike her son, Edith immediately adopted a boy. Growing up, Ari was adopted by Alain Delon’s stepfather, Paul Boulogne, and therefore took his surname. Hence the name Ari Boulogne.

Adoption, which was bad for Nico. For example, the singer, who described Edith Boulogne as a “child thief”, drowned in poisonous substances and even took her son with her.

Portrait of Nico. | Photo: Getty Images

In fact, as soon as he became an adult, Ari Boulogne returned to live with his mother and also began taking illicit substances after she gave him some.

In an interview, the photographer said that these moments, which he shared with his mother, were for both of them “a way to be together.” And despite everything they’ve been through together, Alain Delon’s alleged son still believes that Nico was a “very good mother.”


While Anthony Delon had the opportunity to live with his father from birth, his probable brother Ari Boulogne endured a real ordeal on his side.

Although he was raised by Alain Delon’s family, Ari does not hide that he was going through dark periods with his supposed grandmother Edith Boulogne. But one, in particular, remained in the memory of the photographer forever.

Alain Delon and his son Anthony in France, 1965. | Photo: Getty Images

It was during the Markovich case, which boils down to the murder of one of the actor’s bodyguards. Fearing that Ari would be kidnapped, Edith and Paul Boulogne decided to send him to a boarding school without even talking to Nico about it.

Yes, only at the age of 6 the photographer lived in a boarding school. He stayed there for nine years, and his memories of that time are not good.

“You see someone being beaten until he bleeds through his shirt… someone is grabbed by the ears,”

he said during a speech in “Everyone Talks About It” in 2001.

In parallel with this difficult period, Ari Boulogne also had to come to terms with the fact that Alain Delon does not recognize him as his legitimate son.

At Liberation, the actor’s illegitimate child recalled, in particular, the moment when the actor told him face to face that he was not his real father. Tapping Ari on the shoulder, Alain Delon would say to him:

“I’ll tell you something, you don’t have my eyes, you don’t have my hair. You are not my son, you will never be my son. I only slept with your mother once. “

Words that undoubtedly marked the photographer a lot.

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Despite Alain Delon’s objections to his illegitimate son, the latter does not give up, hoping that one day the actor will recognize him as his real child.

“I don’t ask him about anything, but so that he doesn’t accuse me of impersonation, because in that case he has to prove that I’m not his son and do a blood test.”

he stated.

And to get this recognition of paternity, Ari Boulogne decided to turn to French justice in 2019. It was in Orleans that the photographer submitted his request. Unfortunately for him, the court said it had no jurisdiction to hear the case because Alain Delon had lived in Switzerland since 1984.

“It is well established that if Mr. Delon has a residence in the Loire, his headquarters are in Switzerland, in Geneva.”

said the judge, who also added that Alain Delon “votes in Switzerland and is treated in Switzerland.”

Thus, the French courts are unable to hear the case. The situation, which undoubtedly upset Ari Boulogne, who, according to his lawyer, turned to his children.

The so-called brother of Anthony Delon, in fact, believes that his children “should not be deprived of parenthood.” Note that he is the father of two children named Charles and Blanche. They were born in 1999 and 2006.

Despite all this history around his supposed father, Ari Boulogne is trying to keep his head high. And if Alain Delon still doesn’t recognize him, the photographer will still benefit from the support of Internet users.

They also reacted to the publication of the photographer’s film by Gerard Quran.

Indeed, Internet users were very shocked to see the metamorphosis of Alain Delon’s illegitimate son in this film. Ari Boulogne’s wrinkled and toothless face has changed tremendously.

“After watching his other videos where he glows, he just gave me a bottomless cockroach. I can hardly believe it’s him. “

we can read the video below.

“It’s so sad. I put myself in his shoes to understand it. How can you not recognize your child? What kind of heart is this Alain Delon? Ari’s courage.”

wrote one user, and another, pointing to the invisibility of Alain, commented:

“He who does not recognize his children is not a man! Shame on Alain Delon and his family, who turn a blind eye to Ari Boulogne, no doubt when asked about the inheritance! ”

What do you think about Ari Boulogne’s physical change? You can reply in the comments.

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