Top 10 new MCU characters according to Ranker

As phase 4 of the MCU continues Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness, more and more characters are beginning to enter the cinematic universe. Between rumors, full-fledged performances and a few scattered Easter eggs, Marvel Comics characters are finally starting to take center stage.

Many of these characters have recently appeared in Disney + movies and shows, and Ranker fans have decided to vote for which of these new characters is the best.

ten McCarthy

After Mercury’s sudden death Age of Ultron, Marvel needed a new speedster to fulfill this role. Since most of Marvel’s fastest racers are the X-Men, who have not yet joined the MCU, it made sense to introduce McCarthy to Quixilver.

This inclusion of this fast and fun speedster was also a great show for the deaf community, as McCarthy was also the first deaf Marvel superhero (via GameSpot). Fans also quickly fell in love with her relationship with Druig. Although she did not appear in the film, she made fans want more.

9 The one who stays

There are few things that are more frightening than a person who has survived the end of it all. But, having witnessed a war of various magnitudes, the One who remains managed to do so. By the time Loki and Sylvie found out, he was watching TVA all the time, making sure that no other figure would ever harm the Sacred Chronology.

Despite the fact that his mission eventually failed because of Sylvie’s desire for revenge, the One Who Remains still remained a very memorable character. He managed to become one of the nicest villains in the MCU, just by telling his story. In his death, he is also likely to have the greatest impact on any MCU character after Thanos.

8 Mandarin (Sue Wenwu)

After the disappointment that became the first tangerine in the MCU, fans were incredibly excited to see a true interpretation of one of the best Marvel villains, and Shang Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings Mandarin delivered.

With a fascinating background and terrible motivation, MCU managed to make Mandarin a bit likable. However, he also did not shy away from his darker history. Exploring his relationship with children, the film showed how horrible a mandarin can be. He also proved to be an incredible fighter, possessing all 10 rings to defeat entire armies. This made him a great villain, and also showed how he fell as he did.

7 Sylvia

Loki’s version with a tragic story and abilities that embarrassed the standard Loki MCU, Sylvia is a brilliant character that fans quickly fell in love with. Her story and hatred for TVA make her incredibly likable, and her relationship with another version of Loki makes her unforgettable.

But it is her devotion to stop the One Who Remains that makes her such a horrible figure. Having damaged the multiverse, which cannot be fixed by trying to stop TVA, there is no turning back for Sylvia. As Loki’s best option, it will be amazing to see where she goes from here.

6 Lucky pizza dog

Kate Bishop, her beloved one-eyed dog, was rescued and taken to safety Hawk’s eye, Lucky – a favorite character that fans immediately fell in love with. This cute golden retriever usually eats pizza instead of dog food and does his best to help the Falcon Eyes when they need it.

As one of Marvel’s best pets, Lucky was a great addition to the series and really helped protect Falcon’s Eyes. Also, even if he didn’t, it’s still nice to have a charming Lucky dog.

5 Agatha Harkness

The main antagonist with Wanda Vision with an attractive theme to download, Agatha Harkness is more than just an effective villain. In fact, she was the driving force behind the show and always managed to push Wanda where she needed to be.

Her story makes her a terrible threat, and her personal relationship with Wanda makes her horrible. What’s worse, pretending to be Wanda’s friendly neighbor, she managed to completely deceive everyone in Westview, without even moving a finger. If that’s not enough, Agatha All Along has managed to captivate viewers everywhere. There is a reason why she should have her own show soon.

4 Moebius Mr. Moebius

A senseless search for TVA with a heart of gold, all Moebius ever wanted to do was protect the sacred chronology, convince his pet Loki Variant to calm down and learn the truth about TVA. Of course, he only managed to do one of these things (but who cares?).

As the man who ruled the Void, Moebius had one of the most interesting stories Loki. His devotion was admirable, and his desire to help Loki unravel the secrets of TVA made him an exciting character, especially after he realized that he was also an Option.

3 Shang Chi

The man who defeated the Inhabitant in the Dark and his Soul Eaters, Shang-Chi proved to be an incredible fighter and an even more powerful figure. Although he seems invincible in battle, there are a few other things that make him such an incredible character.

Fans loved Shang-Chi, his desire to live a normal life and escape from his father’s criminal organization, as well as his close relationship with his girlfriend Katie Chen. Together they were a great team, and with 10 Rings now under his command, they are likely to be a force to be reckoned with when they appear in other MCU projects.

2 Kate Bishop

A Falcon Eye fan who lost her father in the Battle of New York, Kate Bishop is a fantastic archer and an even better costume. As an inexperienced hero, she managed to return the original Falcon Eye to the bosom of heroism and was able to stop both the sports mafia and her own mother.

With such advanced fighting skills that she was able to defeat Wilson Fisk, one of the most powerful villains of Sorvigolova, she proved that she has everything she needs to survive in the world of superheroes. And she can do all this only with a stick and a rope.

1 Elena Belova

The killer was introduced to Olena Belova with a great sense of humor Black widow as a sister and childhood companion of Natasha Romanova, who tragically divorced after being forced to participate in the Black Widow program. Now it is dedicated to helping to deprogram other widows and take revenge on those who harm other children.

While Elena stole the show Black widowit was his appearance in Hawk’s eye which really made fans admire him. In the end, his touching attempt to avenge his sister was heartbreaking, especially since fans already knew it wasn’t Falcon Eye’s fault. It also made fans realize what an ordinary MCU citizen might think about events such as the disappearance of Blip and Romanov. It opened many eyes, and one thing alone made Elena amazing.

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