Top 15 most ugly animals in the world

Here is a rating of the most ugly animals on the planet, which we really do not want to cross.

1. Drop fish, one of the most ugly animals

Image of a drop fish. Authors: Val_Iva

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Dropfish or “Psychrolutes Marcidus” is certainly one of the most ugly aquatic animals created by Mother Nature. It develops in the depths of Tasmania and Australia. The drop fish is characterized by mucous skin, about thirty centimeters long and an appearance very close to human. This is a solitary fish that always looks sad. According to scientists, the female drop fish can spawn before 100,000 eggs. However, its reproduction is infrequent. Due to accidental fishing on boats and lack of infrastructure to protect it on reefs, this species is now threatened with extinction.

2. Aye-aye, a primate native to Madagascar

Image “yes-yes”. Credit: javarman3

Ai-ai or “Daubentonia madagascariensis” also appears among them the most ugly animals on the planet. He has very big ears, sharp teeth, a ruffled tail and a hidden sixth finger. Its appearance varies between rodent and bat. It is a nocturnal animal that lives mainly in the forests of Madagascar. It feeds on larvae, fruits, mushrooms and all kinds of seeds. Unfortunately, ah-ah is exposed to many dangers. In some parts of the country, locals believe this a evil animal which must be pursued. Deforestation and poaching also threaten the survival of this species.

3. Frog fish

Image of a frog fish. Credit: inusuke

You definitely do not like to meet this creature during your expeditions to the depths of the sea. Frog fish belongs to the species of reef fish. His amazing body and big eyes make him one of the most ugly animals in the world. This fish is also very scary. Her warty skin is rough and supple. He uses his flippers to jump or walk. The bait allows her to attract the victim in front of her mouth. As the latter approaches, they quickly absorb them. Frog fish lives in shallow water with coral reefs. It is an endemic marine animal of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

4. A mole with a star nose

Photo of a mole with a star nose. Authors: Sergey Mikhailov

We used to see adorable drawings of moles. However, did you know that there is a very rare species, the appearance of which is very repulsive? This is a star mole or “Condylura cristata”. Its snout consists of 22 tentacle-like epidermal appendages. They help them smell their prey underwater and detect earthworms. It measures about twenty centimeters and weighs about 80 grams. Like other types of moles, the one with a star nose is also blind. However, he has a reputation as the fastest eating animal. You will find this mole in North America.

5. Snake penis, strange amphibian

Photo of the penis. Authors: Sinhyu

It is in Brazil, in the states of Rondonia and Pará, that you will find this funny animal. There are very few of them, he is one of them endemic animals from this country. This is a species of amphibian belonging to the family of worms. “Atretochoana eiselti” nicknamed the penis-fish has the shape of a gonad. Its female can reach about 75 cm, and the male can reach almost 1 m. This animal feeds mainly on earthworms and fish. And the worst thing is that he is breathe through the skin. His highly developed senses allow him to easily find his victim.

6. Desert warthog, a very ugly animal

Photo of a desert warthog. Authors: igorbondarenko

The desert wart is also one of the ugliest animals in the world. If you want to see it for yourself, you have to go on a safari to Africa. Its scientific name is “Phacochoerus Africanus”. He is characterized by his body strewn with thinning hair, his flattened head, a face full of warts, and his unattractive horns. This chubby animal has an average of 125 cm and weighs almost 75 kg. His diet consists mainly of deciduous plants, flowers and fruits. During the drought, when little fooddesert warthogs feed on insects.

7. Naked digger, an animal like no other

Naked digger. Authors: GlobalP

If you are afraid of rats, you will definitely not like to meet this species. The naked digger is a small rodent with long gums and very small eyes. He has elastic skin that looks wrinkled and hairless. This rodent can live up to 32 years without signs of aging. Unlike animals of the same species, it does not suffer from overweight problems. Indeed, the naked digger regularly exercises. He is able to run more than a hundred meters a day. You will find this very ugly animal in some underground galleries regions of Ethiopia.

8. Neoclin Blanchard

Neoclinus Blanchard Authors: Natalie Raffing

Immersed in the depths of the sea with Baja Californiayou will face « Neoclin Blanchard. This fish belongs to the family Chaenopsidae. His appearance is very scary. He looks like he has 4 eyes and a giant jaw. This can be expanded to better adapt to the size of your victim. To catch the latter, he always hides in a temporary shelter (rock, shell, plants, etc.). Neoclin Blanchard is almost blind. However, he can be extremely aggressive due to his highly developed rumors. According to biologists, this species uses the color of its mouth to communicate. When males meet, each of the intimidation opens its big mouth.

9. Mata-mata

Mata-mata. Authors: Farinosa

Mata-mata is a freshwater turtle. Due to its appearance, it is considered one of the most ugly animals in the world. It has ribbed and prickly scales. His head looks like a stone. It emerges from the water only during spawning. And she can’t swim very well. In one litter it can lay up to 28 eggs, and its brooding period is 200 days. Mata-mata lives in tropical forests from South America. Can live from 10 to 15 years. It is carnivorous, able to feed on fish, crustaceans and insects.

10. Leptoptilos or marabut

Marabut. Authors: Chanawat Fadwichit

This is a species of wetland bird that lives in some african country. Bald, huge, inconspicuous and endowed with a long beak, this animal does not spare comedians. They consider him one of the ugliest on the planet. Although he often rests on the edge of lakes, marabou lives in shrubs and savannas. It is a very confident animal that is easy for people to approach. Moreover, he does not hesitate to go to the villages to find something to eat. Marabut begins to reproduce only at the age of 4 years. One of the reasons why this species is endangered and endangered.

11. Goblin shark

Goblin shark. Authors: George Melin

The goblin shark is probably one of the strangest and scariest species. It is present on the seabed of the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. It is characterized by small dark eyes, a very wide and sharp mouth, and a flat pointed snout. In adulthood, this shark can reach almost 4 meters in length and weigh about 200 kg. His athletic body makes him an excellent predator. For capture prey, he can protrude with his jaws. He will then use his sharp teeth to chew the food completely.

12. Galatea Yeti

Very scary crab. Authors: Vladimir Ishmyakov

This very strange crab lives in the South Pacific. It is distinguished by huge hairy claws and it White color. Yeti Galatea, widely known as Yeti crab, is about 15 cm. Its forelimbs, both short and strong, allow it to easily climb rocks. Because he lives in an unstable environment, the crab must do everything to survive. Sometimes it feeds on bacteria growing on its claws. Females usually reproduce only once before losing their lives. Indeed, to develop, eggs need a lower temperature. They must then leave their cozy cocoon during pregnancy.

13. Proboscis

Proboscis. Credit: yusnizam

Proboscis monkey with the scientific name “Nasalis larvatus” is certainly one of see monkeys the ugliest thing that exists. He has a large soft nose that grows throughout life. It can be found on the island of Borneo, in the middle of mangroves and rainforests. He is completely vegetarian. This animal loves fruits and mangroves. His large stomach is due to his stable intestines. He is able to digest inedible food. Its main predators are crocodiles, pythons and panthers. To escape from them, he rarely descends to earth. He spends most of his time in trees over 10 meters high.

14. Turkey

Big turkey. Authors: Robert Winkler

You don’t have to go far to find an ugly animal. Just go to the farm and watch the turkey. His appearance is not very comforting. It has a long fleshy red neck, wrinkled and without feathers. His beak and big eyes give him a strange look. This animal also gives an unpleasant cry. Although he has wings, he cannot use them for flight because he is sometimes overweight. Did you know that the turkey was introduced in Europe only about 16 years agoecentury? It is a bird of the family Phasianidae from Latin America.

15. Purple frog or Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis

Purple frog. Authors: Willie Davis

The purple frog is a batrachian. Her swollen body and disproportionate shape make her very ugly. His nostrils above his head. His snout is too small and pointed. Its size is from 5 to 9 cm. This species of frog emerges from its hiding place only during the breeding season. It can lay up to 3,000 eggs. You can find it in some parts of India. Unfortunately, due to deforestation in the country, these strange-looking frogs are threatened with extinction. Urbanization, which continues to develop, refers to it today as endemic species.

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