Toronto cows are the official wrong tree – you had to choose pine, not oak – Reuters

The official tree of Toronto, unfortunately, almost completely ignored public online voting, is… oak.

This does not surprise me or you. Ask a Toronto resident to name a tree, as for the oak they associate with wine barrels. If you asked them to name the wood, they would tell Ikea, which means MDF (medium density fiberboard) with laminated veneer, but Ikea doesn’t make wood (yet), so let’s take oak for a municipal victory.

Maple, birch and pine were also included in the survey. I suspect that people see a maple not as a tree, but as a leaf. I wanted to vote for the Stock Exchange, but I did not want to offend anyone.

On the other hand, urban trees are designed for urination, informal bicycle stands, root suffocation and compression centers, poster stitching and marking. White birch, so very peeled, will not last a week.

This left pine – two species were listed against eight species of oak – would be the best choice. We are a winter city that needs pine trees to soften the corners of its boring square architecture.

Pine is worked every month, and deciduous trees send clear veins and arteries into the gray sky almost all year round, a kind of “Scream” in the shape of a tree.

Nevertheless, the oak won. So hard, so sensitive. The coat of arms of Toronto reflects this: a hard-working beaver; eagle (oak of the world of birds); cells representing energy and productivity; then a special choice, the bear, supposedly embodies the strength, determination and protection of their offspring.

Bears eat people. That’s what they are known for. There are also no bears in Toronto. If they were, they would be removed quickly, so who are we fooling here?

There are, however, raccoons, skunks, squirrels and chipmunks, the latter of which are actually seductive and quite sweet, responding to my little almonds in High Park with gratitude and a lot of effort to tidy up their cheeks.

People who hold food competitions; chipmunks keep it for later. Isn’t this the Presbyterian work that should put a chipmunk on the coat of arms?

I am not surprised when there is no Chipmunk Chippi on our coat of arms. As someone said, when Toronto announces its official dish, it will be a sandwich. Our official stone is cement, our official material is microfiber fleece, and our official sofa is the one we found on the sidewalk, can you believe it?

Toronto’s motto is “Diversity is our strength,” which I like, but the problem is that no one speaks it out loud when people often say and sing “I love New York.” I think about the cities I love. The slogan of Lisbon, quite a song, is this Mui Nobre and Semper Lealor Very noble and always faithful.

The real slogan of Toronto is “Fix the dumpsters.” They won’t, you know.

If Toronto wants to reveal its essence to the world, why not pass a poll to name the city’s official flooring? Vote for pressurized lumber, track or cedar.

This is an abbreviated form of the Toronto class system. There are three answers: “Well, it’s cheaper”, “You’re sorry” and “Don’t we like it”.

But in real life it’s “Not so cheap during a pandemic”, “I’m already doing” and “Yes”.

Some people in Toronto want to be able to legally drink in the park, their territorial picnic blankets are spread out under a beautiful oak tree because they are limited by balconies, and others have a backyard. These are the same people who support the tent camps.

In fact, the activist wrote on Twitter that he is cool and may be able to ban alcohol. outside. Without alcohol, she said, people in the camps could end up suffering from a fever.

Faced with such arguments, Mayor John Tori and the city council postponed the decision for a year. And that’s why Toronto can’t and never will have pleasant things. This is too much trouble.

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