Tour of Romania. From balm to heart to the team of Israel and Patrick Bevin.

The real mountain arrives this Saturday on the Tour de Romandi with the queen stage between Egle and Zinal. The next day, the justice of the peace will be between Eigle and Villars. Before the big fighting, New Zealander Patrick Bevin (Israel) won the sprint in Valbruye on Friday.

This third stage, which largely borrowed all the corners of Broy, offered an ideal relief for tourists. But the peloton rather wanted to play in peace with the brave before the great mountain maneuvers.

The French duo Remy Cavanya – Nance Peters and the Latvian Chris Nylands, who is now the new owner of the best climber’s T-shirt, took part in the daily break. The trio was selected 19 km from the finish line after 128 km of travel.

The last two hills Dompierre and Seday could serve as a springboard. Unfortunately, skirmishes were rare. The Spaniard Carlo Verona was the first to leave. Mark Hirsch poked his nose out the window, but the Bernese saw that Rohan Dennis, Alexander Vlasov and Ben O’Connor had returned. Then only the Estonian Rein Taaramae managed to gain some distance before giving way to the peloton, which included about fifty riders.

Hayter was beaten

Ineos has removed exit vouchers to contribute to the third success of Ethan Heather’s phenomenon. He still met the confrontation with Bevin, who took 7th place in the overall standings. The sprinter of antipodes this time did not miss his job, unlike Echallens the day before. He was ahead of Hayter and Dennis in a green T-shirt.

“I no longer had legs at the end in Eshallens. This time I survived with the help of my team, “said the winner of the day. In Valbroo, this experienced 31-year-old rider only celebrated his second success in the world after the Tour Down Under stage in 2019.

The success of the New Zealander brings a little balm to the team Israel – Premier Tech. She hasn’t won much since appearing on the world tour, despite the commitment of Chris Froome, who failed monumentally. Bevin, of course, has just won the general classification of the Turkish Tour. “But such a victory on the world tour as today is of much greater value,” said the winning sprinter.

The moment of truth

That’s why Rohan Dennis will go with the green shirt of the leader on his shoulders to attack the scene of the Queen this Saturday between Eigle and Zinal. The situation promises to be explosive, as the first eighteen in the general standings are 30 ”. Can a bizarre Australian pull out a new smoking weapon? He was able to limit the damage as much as possible to present himself in a favorable situation at the beginning of the last race on Sunday between Eigle and Villars, when his last ten kilometers averaged 8%.

While at the heights of Zinal the weather looks cooler or even rainy, the favorites will have to reveal. Vlasov and his team Bora, as well as Grosschartner, are again undoubtedly holding the key to rocking the Jumbo and Ineos teams. The English team, of course, did not lose hope to see the triumph of Heirith Thomas, even if he has to digest a 20-inch penalty.

On the Swiss side, will Mark Hirsch and Gino Meder have the shoulders to stay with the best of the four difficulties of the 1st category present on the Valais? This is not certain.

Top 10 stages

  • 1. Patrick Bevin (NZL / Israel) 3×53’27 ” (42.43 km / h).
  • 2. Ethan Hayter (GBR).
  • 3. Rohan Dennis (Australia).
  • 4. Dion Smith (Australia).
  • 5. Quinten Hermans (BEL).
  • 6. Damiano Caruso (ITA).
  • 7. Finn Fischer-Black (NZL).
  • 8. Felix Grosschartner (AUT).
  • 9. Nikias Arndt (Germany).
  • 10. Mikkel Honore (DEN).


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