Two days after conviction for violence near L’Aigle, he drinks and beats his ex-girlfriend

The evening was very drunk (© Archives of illustrations

“It’s not that I deny the violence, but that I no longer remember it,” are the defendant’s first words when the president asks him if he admits the facts.

May 21, 2022 at 10:30 p.m. to the gendarmerie of the village. Eagle (Orn). Her former companion is in front of her sister’s house, where she is now, and she is afraid of him.

Upon arrival, the gendarmes are received by this woman, who shows them the damage to her car, the torn hoses, the broken air filter. She lives in Lot, but now with her sister Saint-Sulpice-sur-Risle. She had a relationship with this man, but they have been separated for a month due to repeated domestic violence. Two days earlier, he was sentenced by the court toEvreux (Eure) up to 15 months in prison for assault on a spouse.

Her 13-year-old nephew saved her

After returning from the court, everyone gathered at the sister’s for the evening, where everyone had a good drink. Around four o’clock in the morning, without understanding why,his former companion slapped him hard. Driven out, he fled in the appellant’s car, who telephoned him to return. After his return, a new scene of violence follows.

After chasing the table, she managed to retrieve her keys, which were still in the ignition, and then noticed a bottle of whiskey on the passenger seat. Still, he managed to catch it, scratching it before punching it in the jaw. He continues to beat her and it was his 13-year-old nephew who intervened told him it was wrong to hit a woman.

She will hand over to the investigators a medical certificate about the presence of numerous slaughters with temporary incapacity for work for three days.

He had never been violent before this evening

Arrested, he will be placed in custody, and at midnight a blood alcohol test will show 1.16 g/l of blood.

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Currently detained at Remand Prison Le Mans (Sart)it is with the help of a video conference that he claims that he does not remember much about the course of this evening, but partially admits the facts.

His ex-wife, who is present at the hearing, explains that he had always been drinking, but he had never been violent until this evening. She doesn’t want to be a civil party and wants him watched, and especially that he doesn’t come to bother her home when he gets out of prison.

This is a man who has twelve citations on his record since 2005, many of them for alcohol-related acts and for violence, with several prison terms. He is also the father of a six-year-old girl, whom he no longer has the right to see, but condemns the machinations of his mother, who was herself a victim of his violence.

A convincing lawyer

Letitia Miranda, prosecutor, returns to the violence confirmed by witnesses, again committed while intoxicated. She recalls the man’s numerous convictions, mostly for violence in a state of relapse and demands a sentence of ten months’ imprisonment with a warrant of arrest.

The lawyer, speaking today in the video conference mode to the right of the client, causes alcoholic delirium of the client, who did not know how to cope with his impulsiveness. She asks the court not to comply with the prosecutor’s request and proposes to increase the probationary period, so that such a measure would allow her to be monitored and excommunicated.

The court will emphasize that the lawyer of the accused was persuasive before the hearing twelve months of imprisonment is accompanied by a probationary suspension for five years with an obligation to take care of one’s own account, accountability course to prevent and combat intimate partner violence and sexism in addition to a ban on contacting the applicant and appearing in the Lot department.

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