Ukrainian children sing the Nazi anthem? No, a Dutch name adapted from a Breton song

Does this video show children singing and dancing to the Nazi Air Force anthem, as pro-Russian accounts from September 23, 2022 claim? This music actually has nothing to do with the Third Reich: it’s the name of a Dutch band that was itself inspired by a popular Breton song.

Check in a nutshell

  • Since September 23, 2022, pro-Russian accounts have been circulating a video of Ukrainian children who they say are singing the “unofficial” anthem of the Luftwaffe, Nazi Germany’s WWII-era air force.

  • They’re actually just singing a song by the Dutch folk-rock band The Bots, released in the 1970s and adapted from a popular Breton song.

  • Pro-Russian accounts regularly try to associate Ukrainians with Nazi ideology.

Details of the check

A scene with a large Ukrainian flag, little girls dressed in the colors of Ukraine, dancing to music, and in front of them a boy in a military uniform with a microphone in his hand, and parents watching everything. This is what we see in this video, which has been circulating on pro-Russian accounts since September 23, 2022.

If the scene seems trite, the song the little boy sings is not, according to accounts shared: it would have been the unofficial anthem of Nazi Germany’s air force during World War II.

“Nothing unusual, just Ukrainian children singing the unofficial anthem of the Luftwaffe of the Third Reich!!!”, can be read, for example, in the caption to this edition is in Frenchwhich has been viewed over 1,500 times on Facebook.

The video was also distributed in English-speaking circles. It a tweet for example, has garnered over 55,000 views and 600 shares.

However, the song has nothing to do with the Luftwaffe, as English-language media outlet Lead Stories points out.

The English tweet quoted earlier includes in the comments a link to a YouTube video from March 20, 2022, in which we hear the same music, but only the logo of the Nazi Luftwaffe, which includes an eagle and a swastika, is shown, moving to the beat of the music.

If the title of the video states in English: “Anthem of the Air Force of the Third Reich Luftwaffe”, then the description of the video indicates the original name of the song – “Zeven Dagen Lang – as well as the artist – Bots”. .

The Bots are a Dutch folk rock band who actually released the song Zeven dagen lang (“Seven Days”) in 1976. Listening to the song by The Bots and the one sung by this Ukrainian child, we clearly hear that it is the same melody.

This Dutch name refers to a popular Breton song written in 1929 by Jean Bernard and Jean-Marie Prima, Son ar chistr (“song of cider”). A song that was supposed to entertain the peasants while working in the fields.

Therefore, the song we hear in this video released in recent days does not correspond to the “anthem” of the Luftwaffe, which did not have an official anthem. In a YouTube video, she was just arbitrarily associated with the Nazi Air Force.

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