Ukrainian-Russian war: who is General Serhiy Surovikin, accused of destroying Aleppo and the commander of Russia’s offensive in Ukraine?

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In 2017, Putin awarded Serhiy Surovikin for military services in Syria.

The appointment of Serhiy Surovikin to lead Russia’s offensive against Ukraine was made by Vladimir Putin after the destruction of the Crimean bridge, an incident which the Kremlin called a “terrorist act”.

This weekend, Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed one of his top men to lead the war in Ukraine.

General of the Russian army, Serhii Surovykin, was appointed on Saturday as the “commander of a joint group of troops in the zone of a special military operation”, as Russia called the invasion of its neighbor.

The decision gives Moscow a glimpse of its military strategy hours after the partial collapse of the Crimean bridge early Saturday morning when a truck exploded, setting seven fuel tanks on fire.

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