ULM Club L’Aigle files a complaint against the author of the anonymous letters and asks to meet with him

The president on the right extends his hand to the author of the letters and asks to meet him © Le Réveil Normand

In this letter from anonymous taxpayers, who are clearly concerned about the activities of Art L’Egl Airport (Orne)It is necessary to “remove any support for fake sports associations, those whose activities create high noise pollution, a lot of CO2, as they harm the environment, climate, safety and tranquility of local people, Chennebrun, Chaillouet, Blaizot, Croix Saint-Jacques, Ore, Allée du Buat, Clos du Perche ».

“Let this man come and meet us”

At the ULM Aiglon club, obviously in the field of view of this team, “we are used to such remarks addressed to us. Anonymous letters, we have been receiving them very regularly since 2015, ”said Jean Lelouch, the club’s treasurer. “But this time,” added President Michel Couturier, “we decided to file a complaint, and that’s exactly what we did on Tuesday, February 22, at the L’Egl gendarmerie.” This must stop, because now we are afraid that the situation will get worse. “

However, Michel Couturier extends his hand to the author or authors of these anonymous letters, saying: “Come to us and we will explain who we really are and what we do.” In particular, the president wants to clarify that the club has a total of 700 takeoffs and landings per year, “which is an average of about two per day. We can reach twenty in one day, but it is very, very rare. All this suggests that we do not attribute noise pollution.

“All our cars meet the requirements”

Explaining this, he added to his arguments Article 3 of the Decree of 24 February 2012 that “any micromight (…) does not emit noise, the sound level (…) exceeds 65 decibels”. That is less than the mowers, which will soon come out of the garden sheds. “Our 32 cars comply with this legislation, and we guarantee it. Besides, stealing, we do nothing. Each aerodrome has a VAC (Visual Approach Chart), a approach and landing map, and no one deviates from it.

An anonymous letter also accuses the club of polluting the environment.

This is another proof that this person does not know ULM. Our machines are strictly regulated and they can not exceed 100 hp. and 500 kg to avoid excessive consumption. For our entire fleet, we have a consumption equivalent to four petrol cars in normal use. We expect electric motors to be reliable before adapting.

Michael Couturier

“Grant barely pays for mowing the land”

As for the subsidy that the club has to repay, the treasurer explains that “these 500 euros are used to maintain the land, but I can say that it costs us much more.” Jean Lellouche smiles that this is even a club that works for the city of L’Egl. “Two years ago we built a building for 110 thousand euros, and in 20 years it will return to the city because it was built on city land. This is a rule, and it suits us very well… but don’t let anyone tell us that the club benefits from the city’s generosity. “

At the club, “installed at an existing airfield long before construction, whose owners are surprised that flying objects take off”, 63 members have the same passion for aeronautics and cultivate shared values.

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Since this year, we have accepted 27 students from Ruggle and Vernay Colleges who will receive a certificate of air navigation. This allows you to have the necessary bases to then go further and, why not, start a career in aviation.

Michael Couturier

But that’s not all, now the club is building its ULM, with which it will be able to offer the first flights to the public in… several months. “We bought this car, which we are going to assemble ourselves, for 50,000 euros. The same ULM, purchased from a ready-to-fly manufacturer, costs 90,000 euros. We are going to build it all together, each bringing his own experience as one brings his own stone to the building. This is a wonderful human adventure, “the president said.

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