Upper Vienna constituency: MP Sophie Baudouin-Ubier in the second round against Damien Mode de la Nup

“Work on earth has borne fruit. We campaigned to be the leader, “said Damien Mode, a left-wing candidate who won the first round in the first constituency this Sunday with 34.54% of the vote.

A few minutes earlier, the results of two rebellious candidates from Nupes in Haute-Vienne, in this building in the center of Limoges, turned into a campaign headquarters for the evening, were greeted with applause. In 1992, Robert Savi theorized that the notion of “many leftists” always attracted voters.

RN in third place

Sophie Baudouin-Ubier, the only MP to represent herself in Haute-Vienne, also took a step in the first round. But with 28.02% of the vote, she is in second place, ahead of Damien Mode by six points. She is also losing more than eight points compared to 2017, when, then still a newcomer to politics, she managed to qualify with 36.52% of the vote. “The results are in line with forecasts. There are no surprises. The LFI has already achieved good results in the presidential election, “said Sophie Baudouin-Ubier. “The only thing that worries me is the content, even if the participation at the departmental level is greater than at the national level. »

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In third place, the National Rally confirms the breakthrough made during the presidential election. Christian Gedu received 18.55% of the vote. RN gets eight points compared to five years ago. However, this is not enough to reach the second round.

In any case, RN is pleased with the place occupied by Les Républicains in 2017. Jean Valier-Viale managed to gather only 8.84% of voters who came to the polls, while Sarri Gentil managed to mobilize 13.22%.

“The result of the match will be known after the final whistle”

Sophie Baudouin-Ubier (empty)

Will the dynamics change in favor of Nupes? Dividing in 2017, adding all the candidates, the left received 39.43% of the vote. Today, the vote reserves for Nupes are not counted: they are reduced to 2.07%, received by Elizabeth Focon (LO). Everything will be played on the content, which has grown slightly: 47.5% of voters abstained.

“We will have to mobilize all these people who do not consider it necessary to go to the polls,” admits Damien Mode. Sophie Baudouin-Ubier wants to be a fighter: “Like any athlete, the outcome of the match is known by the final whistle.”

Jean Valier-Viale (Union of Right and Independent Center)Two candidates who know each other from the Faculty of Law in Limoges: Jean Valier-Viale and Sherazada Seiter in the prefecture by results.

“I’m a little stunned because you’re still involved in person. And I don’t even do 10. Honestly, I’m extremely disappointed. I conducted a campaign in which I participated. And I thought I would achieve a better result. I am horrified that Nupes scored a significant point, that the union was able to work. I am horrified that RN is getting such high scores: what was not the case in the last parliamentary elections. But I intend to continue, ready to go and faithful to fasting. »
Fabien Marche (Reconquista!) Fabien Marche is a candidate for Reconquest!
“The party is young and the campaign was very short. It was a real sprint when I was more of a marathon runner. We have to keep building, and I still get the best result among the candidates in Reconquest! [4,13 %, N.D.L.R.]. We have shown that we exist. The struggle continues. »
Christian Gedu (National Rally)
“Our assessment shows that RN is still growing in our area and we should be delighted. There is no disappointment in being third, this is just good news. I am new to politics, and more than 18% show real anger among voters. Now I have to help my friends and keep pushing on topics like purchasing power and immigration. But there can be no question of uniting with another party. “No

Helen Pommier and Frank Lagier


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