Vintage toys, a small market in high demand

1/43 Railways, dolls, Dinky toyse, so-called “boy’s” toys (cars and boats), superheroes, retro games… These are the features of vintage toys that attract enthusiasts. “Buyers of old toys have a child’s soul with an adult purchasing power,” sums up Elsa Godi-Baubau, an auctioneer with Ivoire Chartres.

“The market is very international, especially for dolls, 60% of which are sold abroad in our country, with a strong return of Americans and Japanese. There is even an annual “Tour of American Collectors” that runs through Chartres, “she added. The expert is also preparing a sale of dollhouses by October, which will combine two collections – Belgian and Swiss.

The Märklin railway kit, early 20th century, sold for 86,200 euros on April 26, 2021 in Ivory Coast, Chartres. Ivory

The nascent category of vintage toys tends to evolve. “But the niche suffers from a shortage of food. Collectors are looking for new items that are still in the boxes, but often the packaging has been thrown away or the toys damaged, which prevents them from gaining access to the status of the collector’s item, ”explains Olivier Verne, Ivoire Nîmes expert who will offer Dinky sales. Toys small English cars) July 6.

“Market 1/43e or Dinky Toys is still just as dynamic, despite the aging of collectors. Rarities consist of 5-figure prices, such as this 1958 Renault truck made for the Deutsche Bundespost, sold for 12,800 euros, ”he said. It will also sell two rare 60 kg steel molds, each made from Citroën toys (DS cabriolet and Traction) from the JRD plant in Montreux.

The archives of companies that are now closed, such as Norev, a pioneering brand of mass production of quality plastic toys, are also valued, as today brands such as Majorette are produced in Asia.

fan community

And if the Lego madness isn’t up for auction yet, as we see around Pokemon cards, there are sometimes good surprises in Chartres Ivory Coast with the main details that are still in blister packs that aren’t in stores. Such as this 2021 Lego pirate ship in a box, in very good condition, sold for 278 euros, this set of three Space Conquest boxes of the same year (191 euros), or this Lego system house in a box, from 2021 (167 euros). The main series of Star Wars ships easily reaches several hundred euros.

The Catawiki auction sells more than a thousand Lego lots a week. In 2017, a gold Lego cube was sold there for 19,000 euros. The thousand-year-old Star Wars falcon (recommended retail price of 500 euros) cost more than 4,500 euros. The Café Corner 10182 (in-store price: € 150) sold for over € 2,500 last year.

The Lego gold cube was sold for 19,000 euros in 2017 on Catawiki.

The Lego gold cube was sold for 19,000 euros in 2017 on Catawiki.DOCTOR

“Lego has a very large community of fans around the world. Many associations support the flame. And some products have a souvenir value: it’s priceless. Collectors also love to play with it, ”says Eric Juss, who makes Lego exhibits.

On the Lego website, in the Lego Ideas section, “you can submit a 3D view of the design, and if there is enough demand on the Internet, Lego publishes a limited edition box. I created the model of Versailles and Little Trianon, and I hope to get enough votes to choose it, “he added.

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