Violence, insults and threats … these residents of the house in L’Aigle are in great danger

Residents of the Blériot building, located in the L’Horloge area of ​​L’Aigle, await the response of the landlord Seminor ©Publihebdos

“The smell is unbearable. It smells like death,” he says Charlene* who for five years lived in the Blériot house in the Quartier de l’Horloge in L’Aigle in relation to the apartment of a tenant who used the premises improperly. She says that “it went on for several months. We testify today because we can no longer endure this nightmare. We are no longer awake at night because of threats with cold weapons, banging on the walls and shouting. There is also urine and excrement on the ground,” she admits.

On July 2, “a homeless man almost set fire to the building, forgetting that he was preparing food. Accompanied by residents, Charlene had to return to the apartment as soon as possible through smoke which was distributed in public places. Added to this is the fact that the individual’s new apartment had been “burgled with the windows broken” and that he had given his keys to a neighbor, claiming that he was going to suicide.

Every day he comes home and sits on the floor.

Because he is an alcoholic and a drug addict, it is difficult for him to climb stairs. The democratic forces had already fallen, and his head was bleeding.

CharleneA resident of the Bleriot house in L’Aigle

One evening, at 8:30 p.m., she saw him “opening mailboxes with a screwdriver. “He’s losing his mind because he said to me yesterday morning, ‘Hello, what day is it today?’ and I said, ‘I’m not going to tell you, because you just have to drink less,'” he reveals Carol. One day she saw him begging outside the church of Saint-Martin in L’Aigle.

What does his care do?

For the residents of Bleriot’s house, a person is “not autonomous” and must be resettled elsewhere because he is lonely. “He is sick, he has colic. He makes me feel sorry, my heart hurts, because he needs care, ”Charlene exclaims. After his stay at the hospital, Carol complains that “the firemen are bringing him back here instead of sending him to a specialist centre. According to Carol, “it is not normal for Seminore to house such people in the residence. What does his care do? »

“I call the Seminary every day because of the noise and screams around 2-3 am, but to no avail. Squatters insult us if we don’t open, call the intercoms or kick the door, and even start a fight,” she reports. Please note that gendarmerie already moved to incidents.

AND Senior manager in the L’Aigle sector, they were told that “a cleaning company should come to the squatters’ apartment, but no one has come for two months. This is unacceptable. Carol doesn’t understand what Seminore’s reaction is. “I spoke to the former concierge of the building and she told me that Seminore doesn’t look at the client’s head to check the file,” says Carol.

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The gendarmerie has already moved
The gendarmerie has already moved ©Archives Publihebdos

“Justice will be long”

With the help of her son, who studied law for four years, Charlene now knows the law and wants to go “to the judge.” “I made the transfer file a year and a half ago. It’s not normal to come to that,” she explains. Because of these problems, the neighbor left the apartment.

For some residents of the Blerio house, “there is a problem of communication, because not everything is said about the life of a homeless person, his health, etc. » In the past, a person would be evicted from several houses including Mortagne-au-Perche and Aube for the same reasons.

“Tenants are suffering, at risk, and we want to freeze rent under these conditions. The seminary understood that we will go to the end, even if justice takes a long time,” says Charlene. In addition to request a complaint was lodged against X, signed by twelve residents, but supported by thirty residents of Bleriot House.

*Names of residents have been changed

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