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Hailing from L’Aigle and Rugles, Charles and Ava learned all about online business (© Charles and Ava)

But he promised a bright future in medicine, Charles Frabule graduated from the University of Cannes in the fourth year. The call of the confectionery bag was the strongest, and in 2018 the young man from L’Egl (Orne) reached the final “Best Confectioner” on the M6.

because, with his girlfriend Ava who also suspended her medical studies, the couple got several projects out of their drawers, and today their community is impressive. “We have 170,000 people who have subscribed to our YouTube channel, and 128,000 on Instagram,” and these many subscribers find there sometimes funny and unusual videos, but always with great advice.

Bake like a pro

Now gaining legitimacy based on images of medical students to talk about the science of baking, Charles and Ava also offer online learning. At their own pace, depending on the subscription chosen, their 23,000 students have access to lessons to progress in the privacy of their cuisine and enjoy family tastes.

“Our goal is to convince hundreds of new customers a month, and now we have our forecasts.” Cherry on the cake, students are very happy, because all obstacles to their development have been removed.

Currently, 90% of women between the ages of 20 and 35, the vast majority of whom are French-speaking, have responded to a promise to be “amateurs who suffer like pros.” But because Charles and Ava are hopelessly greedy, “we started advertising our virtual workshops on social media, and it works very well. We want to do everything so that baking lovers know us. “

Over the years, the couple has gained some experience in online business.

Video: now on Actu

Experience that we decided to put at the service of others, for example, creating confectioners who may have a different vision than ours, and who also want to promote their know-how.

Charles and Ava

Charles and Ava turnkey and their confectionery friends just have to bake.

“Everyone has a zone of genius”

Like themselves, they now want to help everyone who wants to change their lives. “We are currently working on a structural project that will allow everyone to create their own online business. Everyone has a zone of genius, and we want to help them find it to create the life of their dreams. “

Convinced that true freedom is “geographical, temporal, and financial” because it offers to work where you want, when you want, and to gain true material independence, Charles and Ava know that there are a number of obstacles. Basically, they tell their future customers: “be competent in your field, we will tell you how to make a business out of it.” This service should be available next September.

Our little +?

Being a medical student for 5 years, health is a priority for us! That’s why we work to provide you with low-sugar recipes that are good for your health. That’s why we are inspired by the recipes of wonderful chefs who strive for less and less sweet pastries.

Finally, probably in October, Charles and Ava will publish their first book, The Year of Baking with Charles and Ava. “This will be the first book in which we will be able to see a video of the 52 proposed recipes.” Simply, using a smartphone and QR code, readers will have access to all videos to study them at their own pace.

The book will be available in Solar Editions.

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