War in Ukraine: “Poland sends tanks – Switzerland hospital beds”

Under this heading, today’s SonntagsZeitung shows the relatively small amount of assistance provided to Ukraine by Switzerland compared to other countries that also supply military equipment.

Swiss humanitarian aid (illustration photo)


Volodymyr Zelensky’s country is currently supported by the Confederation with 90 million Swiss francs. At the same time, countries such as Sweden and Denmark have already issued much larger sums, and others – unlike Switzerland – will also send military equipment. However, Bern even refuses to allow Germany to send ammunition purchased in Switzerland to Ukraine, the SonntagsZeitung reports. The reason: it would be incompatible with neutrality and the law on military materials.

Meanwhile, Poland will send more than 200 Soviet T-72 tanks; The Netherlands wants to supply armored howitzers, German Cheetah anti-aircraft tanks and Norwegian anti-aircraft missiles. Leading suppliers in all categories are the United States, whose president Joe Biden has just announced a huge new $ 33 billion arms package.

90 million for humanitarian and financial assistance

Thus, the assistance of our country is limited to humanitarian and financial assistance, currently provided an initial package of 90 million francs, including 80 million for humanitarian aid, according to the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). . This is more than 500 tons of material aid and food sent to the population of Ukraine in need and to neighboring countries: tents, medicines, hospital beds, defibrillators, breathing apparatus, hygienic masks or protective suits, as well as basic foodstuffs (oil, sugar, flour, milk powder, etc.).

At present, the Confederation and the cantons are unable to provide accurate figures or estimates of the cost of refugee care in our country. Estimates are being performed. But we know that the Confederacy alone currently spends 50 million francs a month on refugees from Ukraine, according to the SonntagsZeitung. This is knowing that Bern pays the cantons a lump sum of 1,500 francs per person who came to seek asylum in Switzerland, and that 36,000 Ukrainians and Ukrainians have been granted asylum to date.

The remaining 10 million goes to the World Bank in a fund provided to Ukraine to overcome the economic and social consequences of the war, according to the Federal Department of Economics.

SDC staff on site

There are also about seventy members of the Confederacy working on site. Thus, the Directorate for Development and Cooperation (DRC) opened an office in Lviv. Thus, Switzerland did not completely leave the country, despite the closure of the embassy.

According to new data obtained by the Institute of World Economy at the University of Kiel since the beginning of the conflict, other countries are taking on much more money than Switzerland. , notes “SonntagsZeitung”. And they all also give weapons. Among them, along with the United States, France and Germany, there are also countries that can be compared with ours. For example, Sweden has already contributed more than 300 million Swiss francs at the end of April, the Netherlands 148 million, Denmark 124 million and Belgium 103 million.

According to the Sunday newspaper, even compared to gross domestic product, “Switzerland does not have time.” Thus, it is small Estonia that offers the most significant assistance in terms of its GDP: it announced in February that it would supply more than 200 million francs in armored howitzers, anti-tank weapons, ammunition or medical equipment. “So far, only Austria has done less than Switzerland,” the Zurich newspaper said.


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