Washington is uniting about 40 German countries to arm Ukraine

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About 40 countries are gathering in Germany on Tuesday at the invitation of the United States to strengthen Ukraine’s defense, which, according to US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, “can defeat” Russia if we give it the means. Follow our live broadcast.

  • 10:35: The UN has doubled its humanitarian call for Ukraine to $ 2.25 billion

The United Nations has announced that it has doubled its term for emergency aid to Ukraine, which has been invaded by Russia, to a total of $ 2.25 billion.

“Ukraine now needs more than $ 2.25 billion, more than double the amount requested ($ 1.1 billion) when we applied on March 1, a few days after the start of the war. The application also continued with three up to six months, “the UN said.

  • 10:10: “Putin never imagined that the world would unite for Ukraine,” said Lloyd Austin, the US Secretary of Defense.

“The invasion of Ukraine and the atrocities committed by Russian troops cannot be defended,” said Lloyd Austin, the US Secretary of Defense, on Tuesday, from the US Rammstein base, where about forty countries are united to increase arms supplies. to Ukraine.

“Ukraine believes it can win the war. We are all here too, “he added.

  • 9:30: “France will continue its strong support for Ukraine”, assures Jean-Yves Le Drian

“France will continue to strongly support Ukraine,” European and Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian assured during a meeting with Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba.

The Minister noted “the continuity of France’s strategy in the context of the Ukrainian conflict” and its “determination to continue and deepen France’s support for Ukraine in all areas,” reads a press release from Jean-Tweet. Yves Le Drian on Tuesday.

  • 8:45: Germany will allow the delivery of tanks to Ukraine

Germany will allow the supply of Cheetah tanks specializing in air defense to Ukraine, a government source said. This decision is a major turning point in Berlin’s cautious policy of military support for Kyiv.

Details, including the number of tanks, are due to be revealed by Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht during the day.

  • 7:15 am: “If Sergei Lavrov waves the threat of World War III, it is to persuade allies to supply Ukraine with more weapons”

About forty countries are meeting under US leadership at 8 a.m. Tuesday at a U.S. base in Ramstein, Germany, to further arm Ukraine. For Kyiv-based correspondent for France 24 Gulliver Craig, it was this meeting that prompted Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to wave the threat of World War III. “It’s about deterring allies,” he said.

  • 2:44: London removes all customs duties for Ukraine

“Duties on all goods imported from Ukraine will now be reduced to zero and all quotas will be abolished,” the British government said in a statement. The event is a response to a direct request from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the statement said. This applies in particular to barley, honey, poultry and canned tomatoes exported by Ukraine to the United Kingdom.

  • 12:37: The United States presides over Ukraine’s talks in Germany

On Tuesday, the United States is holding a conference of more than 40 countries to discuss defense issues related to Ukraine, in order to arm Kyiv to defend itself against a potentially decisive offensive launched by Russia in the east. The event will be chaired by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. “They can win if they have the right equipment, the right support,” Lloyd Austin said of Ukraine on Monday.

According to US Chief of Staff General Mark Millie, one of the main goals of the talks is to synchronize and coordinate the strengthening of security assistance to Ukraine, including heavy weapons, as well as armed drones and ammunition.

Speaking to reporters on board the plane carrying him to Germany, General Mark Millie said the next few weeks would be “really crucial.” He added that Ukraine needs constant support to succeed on the battlefield. “And that’s really the goal of this conference.”

  • 00:11: Western weapons in Ukraine are a legitimate target, says Moscow

Speaking in an interview with public television, which was broadcast on Monday on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that “these weapons will be a legitimate target for the Russian army, which is working as part of a special operation.” , on the attack on Ukraine, which the West and Kyiv describe as an invasion.

“Warehouses in Western Ukraine repeatedly (Russian army). How could it be otherwise?” – added Sergei Lavrov. “NATO is, in fact, waging war with Russia through a mediator and arming that mediator. That means war. “

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