We tested for you giant splines in Monastier-sur-Gazeille (Video)

When Christophe, the cameraman for L’Éveil de la Haute-Loire, noticed that the giant ziplines on the Recoumène viaduct had opened “a little ahead”

, he rightly said that the new flagship attraction Monastie-sur-Gazei deserves attention. To do this, he needed a guinea pig: me!

A giant zipline is being built on the site of the Rekumen viaduct

“I promise, you’ll see, quietly”“I promise, you’ll see, quiet,” he told me in a reassuring tone. So I agreed, and then regretted trusting him as soon as he arrived at the century-old building (construction began in 1921, ed. Note). Not being too prone to dizziness, the emptiness that separated the bridge deck from the riverbed made my heart beat faster.

Before taking off, you must take an initiation course on a soothing test course. Photo by Christoph Coffey
The sign at the entrance to the Liberty cable – the name of this new exciting activity – did not help. He announces the color from the beginning: the crossing of the Gazelle “at a dizzying speed.” Hence my question to the leaders after the presentations: how much exactly? “On the first zip line, you make a short peak at 70 km / h,” Fanny and Pierrick told me. Oh, it doesn’t matter!For comparison, 70 km / h is the cruising speed of a greyhound. And here is a flying greyhound, suspended “about 55 meters” from the mainland. For any rational mind like mine, there is something to find out, isn’t there? Too late for the mood.

The activity gives the impression of a bird.
Equipped with a harness, helmet and gloves, it’s time to present the equipment: the pulley, as well as, above all, the famous “rescue cord”, which has every desire to fulfill its promises to “return to dry land”. land. The tension builds, but before allowing me to take off, Fanny and Pierrick put me to the test on a micro-zipline course. An initiative aimed at “getting acquainted with the equipment” and making sure that the instructions are clear, that I, as a good student, succeed brilliantly. Except that between the ten-meter-high course and the one waiting for me, there is not a step, but a whole valley. What am I saying… abyss!Three, two, one, I take my courage in both hands – and it’s not just an expression – and I take a step … eyes closed! Not released yet. How to say, this time. In fact, I’m still holding on to the pulley handle – just in case – but the descent is much less scary than I imagined.

Photo by Christoph Coffey

Christoph did not lie to me. If the slope is 400 meters long (which makes it one of the longest splines in the Haute-Loire and even in France), it is also surprisingly gentle and allows me to quickly look at the supports of the viaduct, which I pass very close, as on the Gazelle, days underfoot. No time to dream. I stay focused on my landing on the platform. Reception is like a descent: very soft, despite the speed.

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At the level of piles and tops of sprucesWith relief, reassurance, I start the second zip line, at the entrance of which Pierrick put himself to give the green light, much calmer and easier. This time the descent is shorter (170 meters, ed. Note), but the flight over the tops of spruces is faster. It fills me with a huge feeling of freedom, makes me feel like a hawk.

Photo by Christoph Coffey

As for the third zipline, 200 meters long, it announces, unfortunately, the end of the cold, but leads to a forest path in the shade of piles and to the opening: the Rekumen viaduct, which can be seen below. Grandiose (read elsewhere) and at the same time gloomy work, to which the Liberty cable now gives a completely different face. This is a site of euphoria.

Feelings in an exceptional atmosphere

Photo by Christoph Coffey

The Rekumen Viaduct, which began construction in 1921 and was completed in 1925, never performed its primary function. If it was originally planned to connect Le Puy from Auben, no train ever crossed it, as the Transsevenol was not completed. Therefore, it was never put into operation. An atypical story, which in combination with complex technical characteristics makes it an extraordinary work. Known as Robert Louis Stevenson, it has been on the list of historical sites since 1989.

Ophely Kremlin

Video: Christoph Coffey

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