Weapons for Ukraine: why you should avoid the policy of selling yards

On Tuesday, April 26, 2022, the United States will host a conference attended by about forty countries. The point is to slightly coordinate supplies to Ukrainians so that they can effectively defend themselves against Russia’s offensive in the east.

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Synchronize and coordinate security assistance

One of the main goals of the talks is to synchronize and coordinate increased security assistance to Ukraine, including heavy weapons, as well as armed drones and ammunition.

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The event is led by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and takes place at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany; US material assistance passes through this base. According to Lloyd Austin, Ukr can win if they need the equipment, the right support . Austin also added on Monday: We want to see Russia weakened to such an extent that it will not be able to do the same thing that the invasion of Ukraine.

To your good heart

This Tuesday, Germany will allow the supply of armored vehicles of this type to Ukraine cheetah, a source in the government said on Tuesday. These vintage tracked vehicles are armed with two 35-mm guns designed to shoot down enemy aircraft. Germany no longer has cheetah serves in its armed forces.

German cheetah that Berlin wants to deliver to Kyiv © Bundeswehr

On Monday, the United Kingdom said it wanted to provide Ukraine with Fr. small amount armored anti-aircraft missile systems Stormer. in Stormersmall armored car of the 1970s, exists in the HVM version (Starstreak and light multi-role missile) air defense. British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace also clarified that the missiles star band anti-aircraft units were promised to Ukrainians deployed and used for three weeks to protect themselves and their territory.

For many, Western supplies concern old vehicles and weapons, which are certainly available in reserve parks, but which have become obsolete. cheetah, Stormer, M113, M577…, All these old armored vehicles have at least one advantage: they are available because they are in stock and serviced.

Empty barracks

The neglected condition of the equipment is not the only downside.

There is almost no stability of supply. Consider the artillery installations sent or promised to Ukrainians: yes casear French, towed guns M777 Americans and Canadians, PzH2000 Dutch M109A4 Belgians, Polish rocket-propelled grenade launchers … So many units that, of course, strengthen the Ukrainian artillery, but which require separate spare parts, sometimes various ammunition and special training (started by the British, Americans, French and Germans).

On the part of the armor it is also a cacophony, the British announced the supply of 6 types of equipment, including MRAP (mine-resistant armored personnel carrier) type mastiff, Ridgeback and Wolfhound !! The menageriejoked on April 18, a British specialized site.

At Ramstein, if everyone contributes and homeopathic donations to Ukrainians, only appearance will save. The devastation of barracks for Kyiv’s profits is unlikely to make life easier for the Ukrainian army, which will soon face problems with maintenance and spare parts.

Rammstein’s roundtable should not look like a garage sale, but rather a joint effort to win Ukraine.


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