Wednesday 27th July Piano on the move at Bonsmoulins for summer terraces

Thanks to the mobile stage, the duo can be everywhere (©JC Tango)

During the four summers of 2022 in Community of Pays de L’Aigle (Orne) communes invites you to take a seat in its first summer terraces, a new meeting that aims to offer free cultural and/or artistic events in the municipalities of the territory to bring them intense moments of emotion. Each time, the host country is responsible for providing the friendly side.

A charming place that looks like a green neighborhood will welcome it Wednesday, July 27 in Bonsmoulins (Orne) duet Cabeceo. This piano-bandoneon and four-hand piano duo will play an Argentine tango that will make you dance and make your heart skip a beat. Two musicians invite you to discover an original mix of the musical universe that moves between South America and Europe.

His repertoire includes traditional versions of the golden age of tango, original arrangements and compositions inspired by his travels around the world. This selection of tangos, waltzes and milongas, ideal for dancing, can also be heard in concert on the green Bonsmoulin square, along which the Eton flows.

Their scene is a trailer

Piano en mop is a car pulling a trailer that unfolds on the stage where the piano is. So the Cabeceo duo can roam anywhere and share their music. Experienced professional musicians Anne Mazeau (piano) and Marie-Anne Faupin (bandoneon) can offer several formulas, adapting to any location. With this unique concept, the duo takes music to places it has never been heard before.

This city, which had up to 459 inhabitants in 1836, was, according to the authors of Wikipedia, the site, it seems, of an important struggle in the 12th century.d century. “On November 18, 1188, a meeting took place at Bonmoulin between Richard the Lionheart, strong with the support of Philip Augustus, who asked his father Henry II to recognize him as sole heir to all his estates and finally celebrate his marriage to Aelis.

During the Hundred Years’ War, the castle was occupied by an English garrison. To help support it, King Henry VI levied a tax in 1431.”

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After the Wars of Religion and the restoration of the monarchy by Henry IV, many castles were dismantled after the Edict of Nantes to avoid pockets of resistance, in particular the castles of Bonsmoulins were dismantled from 1600.

Ten stained glass windows were saved from the fire

Regarding the church of Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption, the commune of Pays-de-l’Aigle reports that its pleasant architecture dates back to the 16th century.d century. “The Romanesque apse was redesigned, and large buttresses appeared on the western facade. The polygonal Romanesque baptismal font is made of limestone and comes from the abandoned church of Saint Mard de Coulonge. First, 3 wonderful carved wooden bas-reliefs depicting “Annunciation”, “Christmas” and “Massacre of the Innocents” date from the 15th century.d century, decorated this church.

Classified as a historical monument on December 24, 1912, they were completely destroyed in an accidental fire that devastated the monument on the night of November 24, 1943, due to an electrical short circuit. Only the walls will remain!

The bell tower, roof and interior decoration will disappear in ashes along with all the furniture. Fortunately, ten beautiful modern stained glass windows were in the process of being installed at the time of the disaster. Funded by residents’ subscriptions, they were still with the manufacturer, so they weren’t there. After the restoration of the church in 1952, they now decorate its nave, thankfully. Five represent the life of Joan of Arc, the other five – Saint Teresa.

Site CDC Pays de L’Aigle

Entry is free for all. Diner and catering on site together with the village festival committee.
In case of bad weather, please return to Bonsmoulin Village Council.

Continuation of Summer Terraces
Wednesday, August 3 at 8:00 p.m. in Saint-Eau-Notre-Dame-du-Bois. Passion Coco, tropical chumba concert at the abbey ruins.

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