“What did I do?”, “I survived”, “I felt absolutely nothing”: the best image of Jean Castex before his departure from Matignon

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Jean Castex in Matignon.

“What did I do?”, “I survived”, “I felt absolutely nothing”: the best image of Jean Castex before his departure from Matignon

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Updated 05/13 at 11:31

During his 22 months in Matignon, Jean Castex saw all the colors. From press conferences to trips to the provinces, the Prime Minister has spoken many times, and sometimes cheerfully. This is the best of Castex, when he is due to leave the post of Prime Minister this Friday, May 13.

Having made 350 trips to almost all of France in 22 months in Matignon, Jean Castex spared no effort to create the image of prime minister. “Territory”.

Always traveling quickly through the provinces, between two press conferences on the health crisis and three calls to order travel licenses during various prisons, Matignon’s tenant did not have an easy task, but sometimes gave “funny” shots.

A little return to the most beautiful mistakes of Jean Castex.

When Jean Castex opened the line by night train Paris-Nice

We are in May 2021. Jean Castex, accompanied by the CEO of SNCF, opens a new line of night trains connecting Paris with Nice. An unconditional fan of train travel, the Prime Minister boarded the train for this inaugural trip. “Ladies and gentlemen, please pay attention,” then heard the passengers of the train.

“In exceptional cases, it is not your captain who is talking to you, but your Prime Minister (…) It is an honor and a real pleasure for me to make this trip with you,” Said Jean Castex to the train passengers. “I wish each of you a pleasant journey (…) Many years to Paris-Nice and a happy journey to all”summed up the Head of Government.

The abduction of Jean Castex’s speech made us laugh

While the health crisis in France is in full swing, the government is instructing Jean Castex to announce another health protocol, including curfew. During this gloomy period, a certain Thierry Veron-Durand captured this speech, thus emphasizing the petty nonsense that is sometimes expressed during certain announcements.

“My dear fellow citizens (…) Schools will be closed at 26:75 on Tuesday, February, access will be crab (…) ball Rocket sports will be practical with gloves (…) Natives of the astrological signs Aries and Taurus will be able to shop in the first place if they go to the supermarket with flip-flops on his left foot, only sideways or overturning, for Sagittarius “, we can hear in the parody. We suggest you listen to it in full.

Jean Castex and panties

In October 2021, Jean Castex goes to Laval. At the turn of wandering the streets of the city he is challenged by the seller: “Hello, Minister, you got my panties”, launches the latter to the head of government. The latter did not disassemble and answered the boob for the eye: “Ah, is that you, madam?” There weren’t enough of them! ” More seriously, he then stated: “You know, I donated it (…), and I recently got an association that thanked me, so I still reminded myself that I wasn’t there much.” he pointed out.

By sending Matignon’s panties, lingerie retailers hoped to warn him of their situation and demand a reopening or better support. In total, more than 200 pieces of lingerie were sent to Jean Castex’s office.

“I’m a little comfortable”

The Prime Minister of France Jean Castex received his first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine against Covid at the Beige military hospital in Saint-Mande in March 2021 to promote this vaccine, which is so little appreciated by the French. He joked casually, pulling up the left sleeve of his shirt. “We’re not going to do like Mr. Veran.” he launched.

The vaccine works, then he says: “Congratulations, I felt absolutely nothing when I have to admit that I’m a little comfortable, so congratulations,” – commented the head of government, 55 years old.

Jean Castex in search of lost glasses

During a press conference on vaccination strategy, in the midst of the health crisis, Jean Castex appears at the table and seems to be looking for something in his pockets. “I need my glasses, there (…) What did I do?” Damn it! ” launches the prime minister before noticing that they are … on his nose.

But with humor, the head of government decided to laugh at it. This is evidenced by this tweet about the reimbursement of glasses.

“I traveled in France”

In December last year, the Prime Minister gave a press conference on the health crisis. To inform the French about the tension in hospitals, Jean Castex mentions the work of guardians. Except that his tongue is a little forked. “I traveled in France”, launched a serious face, tenant Matignon. Even our spell check is lost.

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