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Have you noticed any complaints in certain companies about the number of days of remote work? Have you noticed that they are indifferent to hybrid work? Or is it their tactic to bring employees back to the office as if it were an inevitable goal?

In fact, many managers find it difficult to integrate the expectations of their employees. This leads to misunderstandings and the desire to resign. And that’s why many employees vote with their feet. Goodbye President!

Three weeks ago, I told you about Ian Goodfellow, Apple’s CEO, who resigned because his employer lacked the flexibility to implement telecommuting. β€œI firmly believe that more flexibility would be the best policy for my team” he said.

Apple has set an end to remote work on May 26 (before returning): return to the office for everyone and work remotely two or three days a week. This provoked an uprising of more than 3,000 people (including half of its staff): “Stop treating us like schoolchildren to tell them when to be, where and what homework“. Almost the terms we use in Zevillage …

To accept your employees as children means to admit not to trust them.

But necessity is the law, and most Gafam also eventually agreed to hybrid work, more or less stretching their legs. Meta (Facebook) allows permanent remote work for those who do not work on the equipment. Amazon has decentralized this solution to its divisions. Microsoft allows most employees to work remotely. And Google approves of remote work in each case (with 85% of positive responses).

It is clear that trust in employees is not innate. And that taking remote work is experiencing certain problems. The recent case of this manager, who was fired for moving out of his office, illustrates this. The reason given by the employer (who won the appeal lodged by his employee to the industrial tribunal) was… provision due to the employee under the telework code. A little fake.

The management model of an “obedient company” is resistant to change. Which is not very good news. This slows down the adaptation and flexibility of the business to an uncertain world. Trust is effective and very profitable.

The weather is good, it smells like vacation. Proof: This summer you started a small diet to wear a swimsuit. The sky is blue and the pandemic is far away.

But what if in the sand – for example, a new version of the coronavirus – returned to prevent the proper functioning of your company, which remained in the “world before”? In a world where trust takes up little space.

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πŸ“ Do not touch my penis
In the village of Bonsmulen in Orne, several residents decided to protest against those who can not stand the noise of the countryside, ask them to leave. And in Sarta – the mayor warns newcomers with humor.

πŸ€΅πŸ»β€β™€οΈ young
Do young people want to finish work? We need to be wary of assumptions that impose the same behavior on an entire generation, but this podcast looks at the environmental aspirations of young people and their attitude to work. With Dominique Meda (Professor of Sociology, Paris-Dauphine), Remy Vanel (member of the team “For Environmental Awakening”).

🐴 Talk to their horse
In its latest campaign to return foreigners to its island, Iceland is encouraging tourists disconnected from work during the holidays with the help of their famous little Icelandic horses.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³ Yes sir !
Kitchen nightmarePhilip Etchebest’s program, calls the reality of the business worldand no one does it so well, according to Philip Zilberzan.

🎭 Venice, mother of coworking
To achieve the dual goal of settling and rejuvenating the Venetian population, local authorities launched Venywhere program to attract remote workers to atypical coworking.

πŸ‘‹ goodbye
It is believed that behind the big layoffs is a toxic culture: show studies using data on employees five major predictors layoffs and four steps that managers can take in the short term to reduce them.

↩️ Rotating
French startup Popchef, which started its business in the field of food delivery, has diversified create a global collective food supply based on connected refrigerators without expensive infrastructure for companies.

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