What does Black Adam take from the comics?

After more than ten years of development, black adam finally hits theaters this week. Dwayne JohnsonThe dark demigod takes center stage in a film that manages to be fun despite its frenetic pace and pushing the superhero genre. And while Black Adam may be the main attraction, the film also involves the Justice Society of America as they try to stop Adam from unleashing his wrath on the world. Black Adam’s current history, particularly his membership in the Justice Society, has a large influence on the film. It’s just like Jeff Johnwho wrote or co-wrote most of the inspirational stories black adamis also an executive producer of the film.

black rule

Perhaps the scenario that has the most impact on black adam this is the scenario of “Black Reign” in JSA the title was written by John. Running everywhere JSA #56-58, A hawkish man No. 23-25 ​​and JSA: Black Board The one-shot story follows Black Adam as he gathers a fighting force to reclaim his home nation of Khandak. Hawkman is displeased with this and leads the Justice Society on a raid on the Pit to arrest Adam and his compatriots. Adam eventually compromises with the Society; he may rule over Khandak, but he and his allies can never leave its borders.

in black adamThe Society’s presence is less than welcome in Kandak – people welcome the brutal dispatch of Adam from the criminal organization Intergang and Adrianna Tomaz (Sara Chahi) even notes that the Society never came when we really needed it. falcon (Aldis Hodge) and Adam also face ideological and physical blows due to the latter’s willingness to kill his enemies. And on stage after the credits, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) tells Adam that he can never leave the confines of the Pit or she will bring down a powerful force upon him. Determine the appearance Henry Cavill like superman

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One of the most interesting plot points in Black Reign’s history is touched upon at the end black adam. The size-changing hero Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo) says he hopes to join forces with Black Adam again before leaving the rest of the Justice Society. In the comics canon, Atom Smasher sided with Adam during his takeover of Kandak and remained with him during his reign. Smasher eventually surrendered to the authorities and joined a new version of the Suicide Squad. Given the Squad’s resurgence in popularity thanks to James Gunnwork on Suicide Squad and PeacemakerIt’s possible that the new roster could include Smasher among its numbers.

Adam also gets a start in the movie that looks like an updated version of him in the Shazam reboot by Johns and Gary Frank. First seen as Khandak’s champion, Adam reveals the truth to Hawkman: he was no champion. His son Harut (Christian milestone) was chosen and decided to share his power with his father to save his life. This is definitely a lighter take on the comics where Adam killed his son to get his power.


The threats Adam and Company face are also rooted in comic book history. Intergang is a crime syndicate fighting Superman; in fact, their first appearance took place in Superman Boyfriend Jimmy Olsen #133. There was a dark reason behind the Intergang’s ability to challenge the Man of Steel: their leader, Bruno Manheim, was in cahoots with the malevolent New God Darkseid. Although neither Manheim nor Darkseid are mentioned in the black adam, Intergang soldiers always use advanced technology to fight Black Adam. This technology is based on the mystical mineral Eternium, which originates from Khandak.

One of the Intergang mercenaries, Ishmael Gregor (Marwan Kenzari), becomes the main threat not only to Adam and the Justice Society, but also to the entire world. Gregor eventually becomes a demonic character known as Sabbak, who intends to create a veritable hell on Earth. Just as Adam is empowered by the Egyptian deities, Sabbaku is empowered by the demons Satan, Aim, Belial, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, and Crateis. Gregor first appeared in Strangers #8where he battled the titular tag team of the Wives and Freddie Freeman.

The film even hints at the potential appearance of a new pair of super-powered beings. In the comic book canon, Adrianne and Adam eventually marry and Adrianne inherits the powers of the Egyptian goddess Isis. His brother Amon would also inherit some of Adam’s powers, taking the name of Osiris. Bodhi SabongiAmon’s version is Adrianna’s son, but the way he admires Adam and teaches the anti-hero about the modern world suggests that the two may have a similar version of a comic book relationship. Batman and Robin, watch out!

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