What if Cristiano Ronaldo was …

The second episode of our new 90-minute series, where we offer you a Chinese portrait of football celebrities. Ten variable categories and as many predictions about their careers. Here’s our other “And if he was… “focuses on the legend of Cristiano Ronaldo. A character well known for his champion temperament.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo / Gualter Fatia / GettyImages

Puma is a unique animal. A cat is able to jump above people and run almost as fast as a cheetah. Physical abilities that he acquires over the years in his natural state. Experience gives him the skills and accuracy needed to hunt for prey at the right time.

He must master the time of interception, running and finishing on a moving target. The art that the cougar is perfect. Even if hunting is sometimes difficult and the competition is fierce, he always finds a way to feed his family at the end of the day. Cristiano Ronaldo is often seen as a predator, but isn’t he more of a club guide?

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