What if Killian Mbappe was …

New series for 90 minutes FR with great promise. We will try to offer you a Chinese portrait of football celebrities. Ten variable categories and the same number of forecasts for the future. Here is our first article “And if he was… “with Killian Mbappe, the flagship striker of Paris Saint-Germain. A colorful character, as in utopian predictions.

Killian Mbappe

Killian Mbappe runs as fast as a cheetah. / JEFFROY VAN DER HASSELT / GettyImages

The cheetah race is excellent; it is an unforgettable but very rare spectacle, because it usually runs ahead“According to a proverb by Jean L’Anselm. As for the Bondi native, his opponents are likely to see him play a few meters ahead. Like the cheetah, his joyful vigor has fed PSG for years.

Like the fastest animal in the world, Mbappe is a rare species. A unique attraction, whose bon vivants love to watch the evolution over the water. The feeling of intoxication, even for the least intoxicated by wildlife. His insidious elegance makes him forget about his feline behavior. A pure predator is ready to capture the smallest carcass you leave him. A brilliant person who is far from wanting to become a wasteland of dreams.

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